Monday, February 1, 2010

JAG TV episode summaries - spoilers

A NEW HOME FOR JAG-EPISODE-SUMMARIES has been found! The full site is now at:

These blog pages contain the Episode Summaries only - still the most complete JAG TV episode summaries (spoilers) found anywhere! I began writing them in Season Three when all the back-seasons were in syndication and I was getting confused with all the interwoven plots, recurring actors, back references, and subtle sub-plots. It turned into something people began seeking out on the web so grew into a full fledged Web Site.

The title of the last episode "Fair Winds and Following Seas" will be instantly recognized by anyone who has served in the US NAVY. Close shipmates are bid farewell with this naval "blessing" representing the ideal underway conditions for which Sailors yearn.

The scrapbooks for character life stories are now on the new web site including Harm, Mac, Bud Roberts, Brumby, JAG Friends and Fiances, JAG Families, JAG Bad Guys, JAG Kids, JAG youTUBE and the complete JAG Character Ribbon Racks.

[In wisdom known only to them CBS cancelled JAG, the longest running military drama on television with 10 seasons and 227 episodes to its credit, even though it continually won its night in the overall ratings - they say it was because it didn't have the "young demographic." Just a note: There were 734,085 unique, individual visitors before ATT went out of web business and closed the original site.]

What Happened To The Original Web Site?

After close to 15 years with ATT as my ISP - I recieved notice that they intended to quit doing business as a web provider! [So have now moved them to: - where you will find the entire site, scrapbooks and all.]

While looking for alternate web hosting, I moved all the summaries to this blog so they wouldn't be lost. Obviously they are not in a "web page" format, but so far everything but the scrapbook photo pages are here.

Some things are even a bit better. The index is a bit easier to use - just look at the labels in the sidebar and click on the year or the writer and you will see a full page of filtered summaries. You can also use the "search" bar to look up an episode title.

In addition, each of the summaries has an opportunity for comments. Now you can let me know about any ommissions or errors or what you think. Of course the comments are moderated so may take a few hours to appear.


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