Saturday, December 9, 1995

Scimitar - 10

Corporal John Edner was killed and Corporal David Anderson captured when they got lost just inside the Iraqi border. President Clinton was shown watching SadDAM announce he would return Edner's body and allow US legal team to defend Anderson for espionage. Harm underwent extraction combat training but Meg, who was not told, worked with Lindsey to prep legally. H told her that she was to be lead council to "throw them off guard." Someone named Scimitar, who's information had been correct, but no one knew, was to give H a satellite uplink and escape route. Anderson's pregnant wife gave them a letter to give to her husband and H was to give him a small transponder locater. Lindsay was shown appreciating all the dirty "lawyer tricks" that Hussein was pulling. Colonel Ahmad al-Barzan was director of security and ran the show. He was also the judge. A Lieutenant Dumai was given as their "chaperone." Meg tried to befriend her but she challenged her "disrespect for men." Mg said she "respected but not feared." Barzan began mentioning his "scimitar" collection to H and "nearly winking" so H thought he must be the contact.

Ibram Talfa, who led the capture of Anderson, lied in court. When Mg started to cross, Barzan refused to let a woman speak. H then tripped up Talfa's lies showing they had actually been across the Kuwait border and Barzan recessed. Someone had written Scimitar and directions to the N E corner of the grounds on Hs papers, he thought it was Barzan. Mg saw him sneak out at night to get the uplink and nearly get caught on the way back. She went into Hs room and let Barzan find her there so H could sneak into hers. Dumai was beaten for not knowing they had switched rooms. Mg tried to get her to call her Meg but she refused saying that "US is like a child who has lived nothing but thinks it knows everything." Basically she said: you come back after 1000 years as a country and we might listen to you. The next day Talfa recanted his testimony. Mg went to dinner w/ Barzan over Hs objections. While gone Dumai told H that she was Scimitar and that the security force were expecting an escape and knew the name scimitar. They went to get Mg who they found being intimidated by Barzan's swords. Dumai shot Barzan and they used his body to get them past the guards in the car and into the prison. They shot the guards and escaped into the desert but were shot at and followed. Dumai asked H to hit her on the head and leave her but he said no so Mg hit her. She finally said thanks calling her Meg. As the helicopter was shooting rockets at them a US Cobra came over the hill and when fired on, shot them down.