Friday, September 24, 2004

Hail and Farewell (Part II) - 207

[Follow-up sequel to last season's finale and the first without Chegwidden who has left the series.] Mac (M) returned to her apartment late and found that it had been trashed. Simon Tanveer (MI6 agent) was there, stabbed, and claiming to be "saving her life." He told her that he thought Webb (W) was still alive. He stayed in Ms apartment, because "everyone who knew W was in danger" from Peter Tyrook, "the Hawk," a contract killer who was looking for W. W had been planning to do a "sting" on Tyrook; but, now the tables were turned and W was the target. M tried to get Turner (T) to tell her what he had found during his investigation of Ws death; but, instead of just telling her he found nothing, he acted like he just "wouldn't tell her." She went to Ws apartment and heard him punching codes, to retrieve his messages from the answering machine, but he wouldn't answer her. She talked to Laurie June, Ws assistant, and asked her to "think about" telling her where W was. Later, while Tanveer was with her, M got a call from Laurie who merely said W was at "Mandalay." They went to Laurie's apartment and found she had been tortured to death. Tanveer and M were walking in the park and were shot at by W, but it missed. M talked to Ws mother to tell her about: Laurie's murder, "Mandalay," and to protect herself from "the Hawk." M finally told Harm (H) about it all; and, with Coates' help (by remembering the words to a poem about "Manderley"), deduced that W was at their families old home named "Manderley." Searching it, M & Tanveer found clothes in the house, and H found W on the beach. Tanveer got the drop on M, then admitted to being "the Hawk," who was a fictitious person. He said that he had stabbed himself, then trashed her apartment, killed Laurie, automated the phone call and was using M for his bait. He then got the drop on W, who was attempting a rescue, and H got the drop on Tanveer. But Tanveer still had M hostage, so he captured them all. While threatening to kill M, in order to find out how much info W had obtained about the Al Qaeda, Mrs. Webb appeared and shot Tanveer three times. M had it out with W for lying to her and walked out on him. W asked his boss, Kershaw, how he could "be who I am and still be with her." Kershaw didn't give him an answer and said that it was time for him to "come in from the cold."

The SECNAV appointed Turner as temporary JAG. Probably, as Coates observed, because he wasn't at all put off by the mindless paperwork and politics. H was very annoyed by all the "make work" T was dumping on them, instead of "real" cases. H tried, the whole episode, to talk to M about her medical condition. She apparently has endometriosis, which was "mostly removed." She put him off and told H that she would come to him when she wanted to talk. Finally he tried again on the beach, after Tanveer had been killed, only to be put off again; so, he walked away, frustrated, saying "let me know when you're ready." Krennick was rumored to be on the "short list" for JAG, and H said that she was the only one "to have ever chased him around the desk." She was later said to have been "flagged" and taken off the list.