Wednesday, March 27, 1996

Hemlock - 15

Meg received a fax of "Shepard's" itinerary from someone who was breaking into the British Naval Intelligence building to use their computers. He was nearly caught and transposed the last two numbers of the fax. H went for a check-ride until about noon which really "ticked-off" Krennick who was burying them with scut work from another agency who had "overflow" to make points. H & Mg figured that "Shepard" was some dignitary, and possibly classified, so he locked it in the safe while he went to lunch with an Annapolis friend, now in intelligence, Bruce Carmichael. When H mentioned "Shepard" Carmichael nearly choked but stonewalled H and told him to "shred it immediately" but nothing more. The man who broke in came looking for Mg to find his fax posed as . While she was giving it to him K came in then stormed out when she found that H was gone again. A few seconds later she came back in just as Mg was being shot and nearly missed being shot herself. K inflicted her egoistical personality on everyone alienating the doctors and nurses trying to save Mg and H had to continually "bite his tongue" in order to work with her. She continually wanted to "involve state," H said "so she could make points," which was probably true although he had to apologize. H went to "Ollie" (Col Oliver North) who came and stayed with Mg through her surgery and recovery. He told them that "Shepard" was Boris Yeltzin who was coming to sign a ban on nuclear material sales to Pakistan. Also that it was the illusive, and unknown "Hemlock" who was assigned to assassinate Yeltzin.

K had an artist sketch drawn up of "Hemlock" as she was the ONLY known person to have seen him, thus making herself a target. Chegwidden said he'd been kept up all night with calls from people who wanted him to "call of his dogs because they were messing on peoples lawn." Instead he told H & K to "go get 'em." Ollie recommended a computer nerd who hacked into the government personnel files and found a custodian who had been hired but didn't have a photo in the database. He had a copper lined old house which was "bug-proof" and extracted a date from K before giving them the information. When they arrived at Ellzey's, the custodians, house, Carmichael and the SWAT team were already there. A gun battle ensued followed by a single shotgun shot. They found the person inside had "committed suicide" destroying his head to prevent recognition. H blasted down Carmichael, blaming him for stonewalling him and preventing them from taking precautions for Mg. Ollie didn't believe that it was Hemlock who had killed himself and H, later, discovered a bomb in Ks car which had been placed after the supposed "suicide." When they told Carmichael he was still angry with them; but, followed them to the Hotel where the signing was to be held, and got them through security. Hemlock, a master of disguise, got through security playing several parts and hiding a gun in a lobster. K recognized him, as he saw her, and ducked his shot, which hit Carmichael who was behind her. Hemlock joined the confused Russian security who was shuttling Yeltzin out of the hall. H gave chase but had to dodge a massive barrage of gunfire from the Russians. Hemlock escaped and removed all his disguise so H didn't recognize the driver of an escaping car, which he had stopped by unloading his gun at it. K finally caught up and ID'd Hemlock.

During her coma Mg "dreamed" of her deceased father who took her for a horseback ride. As she awakened her father was telling her that "it wasn't her time yet." She mistook Ollie for her dad as she woke up, then asked H "how was lunch."

Wednesday, March 20, 1996

Smoked - 14

Krennick was sexually harassing Harm in her new job as aid to the New JAG, A. J. Chegwidden. "AJ" as he is called, was head of JAG in the pacific. He was a former SEAL in Vietnam who transferred to the fleet to command a destroyer then got a law degree and joined JAG. Krennick said that he had "gone from one branch of the service to the next, surfing the crest of them all. He eventually wanted the CNO position, like Adm. Arleigh Burke, who was chosen over the heads of many others by the president because he was "aggressive." Krennick said that because H was the "shining star" he was a threat to her ambitions. When H said "I'm not that good or ambitious" she said "that is one of the reasons I want to sleep with you," and "as long a you serve under me, you'll have a tough time earning a sea scout badge."

Chegwidden sent H & Mg to Cuba w/ K, telling him to sabotage the software in a downed F14 before the Cubans could download the technology and trade it for Iranian oil. H went up to the cockpit of the Lear Jet which was flying them to Cuban and helped fly. Cuban, Capt Fuentes shot at their Lear jet but missed, due to Hs acrobatics. Jack Keeter, an old roommate of Hs was the pilot of the downed F14 and H worried that he might have "screwed the pooch," probably intentionally. Without telling Bair, the weenie from the State Department, H use a Cuban Contra to cause a diversion in the hanger with his horse so he could slip in and rig an explosion using his belt in the intake. When Blair found out what H had done he confessed that he was really a NSA agent and Keeter had been on a black op to "let the Cubans have some software" which had "virus" code in it that would disable aircraft which 'locked on" to US aircraft. But the code, he said was in the last chip, so if the plane exploded they would have the good code but not the bad.

H then went back and told Fuentes of: the phony Blair, the software was "fake," he hadn't known about Blair when he sabotaged the plane, offered to disable the "bomb" if Fuentes would cause a diversion and let him escape, Iranians didn't need to know, Cubans would still get their oil, everyone would "save face." Fuentes said "ok" but he would have to give chase and try to shoot them down. H agreed and he and Keeter took off chased by Fuentes. They reminisced about spending some time in the Caribbean with a girl, who H could remember better than Keeter, and decided to go visit her again. Fuentes caught up with him and fired a missile just short of the border of the airspace. H went into a power dive and pulled out at 100ft causing the missile to miss and explode in the water. K entered Hs apt unannounced, expecting to bully herself into her threatened tryst, then stormed out, after finding Maria Elena Carmelita Moreno Gutierrez in the shower.

Wednesday, March 13, 1996

Defensive Action - 11

CAG Boone and wingmen Lt's Painter and Entwhistle were over Bosnia trying to "send a Serb Hind helicopter back home" when Painters Tomcat suffered catastrophic failure and blew up. They both ejected but the Hind swung around and CAG saw it strafing the chutes. He took it out. Serbs claimed they were "rendering assistance" and postured to break the "peace accord" so the State Department called for an investigation of Boone. Harm, who had just received cigars from the SECNAV for his promotion to Lt Commander, and Meg went to the Seahawk to investigate. Lindsey had said that State, trying to maintain the peace accord, may put CAG in the middle and sacrifice him in the name of peace; and, without even waiting for Hs report CINCFAIRMED ordered a court-martial. Krennick was assigned by "state" basically to railroad the CAG. DePalma, of the press, had been shooting "B roll" when the Hind came over the hill and exploded so it was shown over and over in the media. He hinted to Mg that there may have been more than was shown and Mg was going to have dinner with him to find out but CAG stood her down for "disgracing her uniform." She stood her ground and H had to tell him just to stay out of their way and let them do their jobs. Entwhistle's body was recovered and Krennick got the coroner to say that there were no bullet holes. H turned it back on him and revealed that there could have been more than one bullet that hit the many portions that weren't recovered; and tricked Krennick to objecting that no one could tell how many rounds the Hind fired that had missed. Deceitful Krennick, wanted to talk alone to CAG and stupid CAG dismissed H. She said State was claiming that the Serbs were "prepping" across the border and that they knew they could "diffuse" it if CAG would resign "for the good of the navy." When he finally spoke to H he said that Krennick wouldn't have talked to him if she wasn't worried.

Painter was in Bosnia, injured, trying to avoid Serb patrols and had lost his beacon radio. He eventually set it off, but De Palma told H that State wasn't going to allow a rescue mission until after the trial because it hadn't "been verified." Again H had to stand the CAG down from going back to the Seahawk to "climb the captains six" for a rescue. H turned case over to Mg - forcefully, as she didn't think she could "handle" the CAG. H ordered an over-flight as a "JAG officer defending a client" & parachuted himself in to rescue Painter. He found that Painter was not injured by bullets but couldn't remember even punching out including the helicopter firing. CAG wanted to speak to the court-martial board but Mg said only lawyers can to it so he fired her. He told the board that he had over11,000 flight hours (900 combat) and knew gunfire when he saw it. The board found him not guilty by 4 to 3 vote. H rescued Painter and brought back a piece of his chute. There were bullet holes in it. CAG said he "knew who the 3 (guilty votes) were" so they could see their faces!

Sunday, March 3, 1996

The Brotherhood - 13

[A very weakly written plot, hokey and barely believable at times] Marine PFC Terrance Hansen was found beaten and in a coma on the beach during landing exercises. Dr Sanford requested an investigation of the Charlie Company of Capt Overton who has 2 times more injuries than other companies, mostly black. Sanford said that the companies investigation by Lt Teese was biased because "he reports to Overton." Overton, pouted his lips, tried to act like what he thought was a tough guy throughout the episode. Harm and Meg easily showed Teese's sloppy investigation, giving Overton what he wanted to see. H & Mg went through Hansen's locker and found photo's of people flashing gang signs. Mg said the signs looked like "hook em horns" from the University of Texas Longhorns. H descretely told her that in Europe the sign meant "You've been Cuckolded." [So Mg gave the sign to people during the whole episode… supposedly as humor?] Tyler, Hansen's brother was acting like a tough guy and eventually found to be in a gang. While H & Mg were looking over the beach, Overton had his camouflaged men surprise attack them. H was disgusted and told Overton that action had just told him that Overton was hiding something and when H found out what it was his days in the corps were over. Overton said that C company had more injuries because they trained harder- "the harder they train, the less bleeding they do." A sergeant told H that Hansen "didn't fit in" and "wasn't with the program" but there were others, and he listed three. H asked "how many are black" and was answered "all of them."

Overton tried to intimidate and obstruct H & Mg until they call him on his apparent racism. Top of his class, Hansen had asked for east or overseas billet but got stuck w/ LA & Overton refused transfer. He requested twice more but Overton turned him down. (He told H that, he didn't like quitters) H found Overton and his men digging on the beach and was told they were looking for mines. The a man asked "is this what you are looking for" and it was Crack. H conjectured to Overton that Hansen had probably been beaten by the gang when he didn't want to sell Crack in the military and that he had been acting like such a know-it-all smart ass that Hansen couldn’t come to him for help. So Overton went to Hansen's hospital bed and began screaming and threatening and ordered him to wake up, and he did. He then told them that he had grown up in LA, was in a gang, and was assigned by their leader, "stick," to join "The Proud" so he could sell drugs on the inside. But the Marines reformed him and he tried to avoid the gang but they beat him and left him on the beach w/ case of crack. Stick was going to send his brother Tyler to the morgue on "mission" avenue if he didn't sell the crack- so Overton said he would get Tyler out. Of course, he went in alone and was overpowered. Then H & Mg arrived and uncharacteristically stupid Mg was overpowered so H offered to trade their crack for Overton. Then he got the black men of C company to surround the "trade." Overton tackled Tyler during the trade and C company took them rescued everyone. Tyler agreed to go to a youth boot camp (for discipline and hard work) to get out of the gang.