Tuesday, December 12, 2000

Family Secrets - 119

Bud (B) and Harriet (Ht) learn that Dr Lawrence Gettis had missed a myoma in Ht, and that he was test driving his new Porsche during her labor when a prolapsed cord occurred. Chegwidden (C) talked B out of suing the government; but he instead filed dereliction of duty charges against Gettis. Brumby's (Brum) new law firm was handling Gettis' defense and when Sr partner Larry Kaliski tried to order him to take the case Brum quit the firm. Mac (M) prosecuted and C ordered B to "stay out of it." Instead B tried to interject too much becoming emotional. Even M had to dress him down for it. Despite the evidence against Gettis, Kaliski switched Ht's ultrasound with a nearly identical ultrasound of another woman thus tricking a nervous doctor witness into identifying "the myoma" on the wrong ultrasound. Ht was called to the stand and, although Kaliski tried to trap her into lying, she admitted that she had had a previous abortion as a teen and a former doctor had diagnosed myoma; but, she hadn't revealed any of that to Gettis. Gettis was acquitted and apologized to B & Ht.

Webb (W) informed Harm (H) that Sergei's helicopter was shot down in Chechnya (again). H immediately wanted C to send him to Russia but his request was denied. When it didn't look good W prompted a story about Sergei in a national news magazine. Having not ever told his mother about Sergei H needed to flee to San Diego to tell her before she read it in the magazine. She was upset that he hadn't told her! H decided to resign his commission in order to go to Russia and put his letter in Cs in-box. W eventually found that Sergei had been captured alive and was in a Chechen prison camp, so C tore up Hs resignation saying it "needed to be in triplicate anyway."

M caught Brum putting on his Australian Navy uniform and he told her that he had decided to accept a very good position back in Australia. When she said that "they had something" he countered that she was still, at this late date, "thinking" about the engagement after 10 months! So, pressured, M changed the ring from her right to left ring finger as the credits closed.