Tuesday, February 29, 2000

Bridge at Kang So Ri - 103

[An episode with more than usual amounts of plot "holes"] A US military unit in the Korean war had orders not to let anyone cross the bridge at Kang So Ri. When a whole bunch of what looked like civilians tried crossing and kept coming after warning shots were fired they were fired upon when one of them put his hand inside his jacket. Apparently no investigation was done to definitively ascertain whether the killed "civilians" were carrying weapons. Twenty three years later some of the soldiers gave press interviews claiming they had shot civilians. A general Wolfe headed the former investigation which exonerated the men and was believed by the South Koreans. The North Koreans, however, didn't believe it. Wolfe, arrogant and insulting, was accompanying Harm (H) and Mac (M) on there new investigation. They were surprised to find Renee Peterson on the 747 to Korea with them. She said she was doing a ZNN interview with Charley Hoskins (one of the informers). She went flying all over, alienating people, insulting M and said she had already talked to the N Koreans. She played the "hurt lady" when H told her about confidentiality and that she "was not working WITH them." Wolfe told Renee that two days before the bridge incident soldiers let civilians pass with pregnant women who were actually soldiers with grenades in belly packs and killed 11. Terrorists took over the plane with a gun made from smuggled in parts and some placed in the Vegetarian meal cartons. Solla Jong, a woman, claimed that Hoskins had killed her grandparents. She, with her two male companions, shot the co-pilot and ordered the plane to N Korea. She said she was going to have a trial of Wolfe and Hoskins for murder. M masqueraded as a flight attendant and hid a fire extinguisher under her seat.

When he found out about it, C sent Bud (B) to find Webb (W) and get information. B stuffed the Burpee Bear -containing a small recorder- that he had gotten for AJs present, into his briefcase. Renee was the one who had given their flight information to the N Koreans and Solla threatened to shoot her if H didn't tell the location of M. H didn't tell but M stood up. C and the SECNAV monitored the flight and communications from the conference room. The SECNAV refused to scramble fighters saying that the N Koreans would help because they wanted the US aid dollars. N Korea said the terrorists were counter revolutionary anarchists adventurers and would deny them entrance into air space. Solla wanted Renee to film their mock trial with H and M as attorneys and her as judge. The N Koreans launched mig's but the SECNAV still refused to put up fighters but finally admitted that Wolfe was in intelligence and knew all the N Koreans who had turned spy. Just as Solla was going to shoot Wolfe and Hoskins she found out Wolfe's intelligence connection. The SECNAV claimed that he had info from the CIA that the N Koreans wouldn't fire so C called W himself. W confidentially communicated that the CIA knew they would be shot down but didn't want to compromise their agents. C called the president himself. The mig's were coming at the plane so the pilot refused Solla and turned back. She shot him and the plan dove toward the ocean. H scrambled forward and pulled the plane out of the dive. M sprayed one man with the fire extinguisher and Wolfe knocked him out. H grabbed Solla's gun while M decked her. The third man shot Hoskins and Wolfe shot him down. H played "chicken" with two migs flying directly toward him. Clinton shown finally scrambling fighters and H evaded migs again as they were locking on with missiles. H told the fighters "Navy at controls" and when a mig locked and fired missiles the fighters warned to break left then dropped chaff. Hs engine flamed and had to be extinguished. The migs turned tail and ran when it was a fair fight. H landed the 747 with reminders from the tower. Renee got her film. M, in the co-pilots chair, said that the "next time she would take a boat."

Tuesday, February 22, 2000

People vs. Gunny - 102

Gunny (G) and his friend Manny were dropped off by a cab in front of a gay bar. A gay, Ed proxy bumped into Manny who ridiculed gays. Proxy insulted right back and Manny pressed him against the wall. Gunny broke it up and held Manny's arms so Proxy slugged into Manny and kicked him in the groin. Gunny was defending Manny slugging Proxy when Tiner (T) came out of the bar and took a swing at G who turned and decked him before recognizing him. Mac (M) was all excited about her new ring and tried it on her left hand where it got stuck. She hid her hand from Harm (H) who came in asking her to take some cases while he was in Iceland. When she kept the ring hidden he advised her to put "shampoo on her finger" and the ring would come off. Renee called from Valencia California where she was directing a Demented Dead Souls video. She pushed him into saying he missed her, then made a date saying he had stood her up twice and only got one more chance. Lt Aldridge was at JAG while his ship was in port. He commented on Tiner's black eye, Harm's bruised face and Bud's wired jaw. Detective Wanda Shilling, Baltimore PD, came after F for gay-bashing outside the pony express lounge. He told her what had happened and she seemed to believe him until he refused to give her Manny's identity. Proxy had a broken nose and cracked rib and had lied that G just beat him up "for no reason at all." G asked T to get Proxy to drop charges. He said "he's your boyfriend." T denied that he was so G asked if he "wanted to be outed" to which T flew off the handle. He said "you're the one who misunderstood." G talked to Manny who offered to talk with the cops but G refused because with only nine months to go it might effect his retirement benefits. Shilling came back with warrant for Gs arrest because T went to them and offered to be a witness against G. C intervened and took jurisdiction of the investigation. H and M investigated and G said while Manny was doubled over from the kick to his privates he tried to stop the attack on him. T said Ed was Gay and they were in the gay bar. M told H that going to gay bar doesn't mean your gay and H responded "like wearing an engagement ring on your right hand doesn't mean your engaged." They agreed it should go to a hearing and recommended Mattoni for defense and Aldridge for prosecution.

Baxter Stark, from the attorney generals office, came to Chegwidden (C) and in front of Owen Sebring claimed that the Navy was incapable of prosecuting hate crimes. Sebring noted that Stark was running for states attorney and before more was said, C dismissed Stark who retorted "we'll be watching you." Proxy blatantly lied on the stand and Aldridge bumbled around trying to bring in other issues. After H cross examined him, T realized that Proxy may be wrong and tried to get him to drop charges. Proxy refused and asked for his support holding him by the back of the neck. H asked M what she had against Renee and she responded "I'm just surprised you like that type. Then when M accused H of having problems with Brumby (Brum) he parroted back "I'm just surprised you like that type." M called it a "friendship ring" to Harriet (Ht). In Gs testimony he called proxy's attack on the fettered Manny "an act of a coward." G refused to give Sebring Manny's name so was charged with disobeying a lawful order. Sebring decided that the only evidence against G was the un-cooborated complaint by Proxy so it was dismissed. However, in the hallway, Stark had G re-arrested again for civil trial. Stark told Sebring and C that the trial was biased. How else could you explain it with such pitiful defense (Mattoni) and inept prosecution (Aldridge). Accused the entire military of bias. C, very restrained, told him that "we all know your only intent is to bolster your campaign. You're nothing but a hypocrite and opportunist and I'll be damned if I’m going to let a bottom feeder like you further your personal ambition trampling the integrity of this office."

Stark acted as the prosecuting attorney and C defended G himself. Despite Gs magnanimous act, Manny, a true bigot, G played his little games as well refusing to reveal the identification of Manny (a true bigot) called JAG at night and left a message designed to get rid of T. He claimed to M, who answered the phone, that he was Josh, Ts lover and wanted him to come home because he loved him. C gave T the benefit of the doubt and told M to advise him to keep his domestic life under control. Then, at long last, Tiner gave up his act and admitted to M that Proxy was his gay half-brother. M told C, so he called Tiner back on stand and asked him directly if he was gay. Tiner said "no, no one asked me (?!)" he just "wanted to see how it felt." He claimed that suddenly "everything took on a double meaning, some people bent over backward not to be offensive, others pulled away like I was contagious." C won Gs acquittal but Stark gloated "what defeat, they (the gays) see me as their protector. I just picked up a few thousand votes!" C gave G a letter of admonishment and forfeiture of half months pay for disobedience.

H was sent to Keflavik Iceland to a NATO conference and told Renee that he would be gone. Without confirming the date she just showed up at JAG then disbelieved M that H was snowed in in Iceland. She took Tiner to dinner instead. Ht was back to replace G during the trial and flounced around making Bs life miserable cause "it's so much fun making them pay."

Tuesday, February 15, 2000

Boomerang - Part 2 - 101

[Continuation of a confusing- on many levels- but somewhat key episode] Brumby (Brum) continued to bait Harm (H) with his insipid smirk, especially regarding Mac (M) and rubbing oil on her etc. H had to dress in a wig for court then right out of the box embarrassed Brum for his lack of providing even proof of death. The judge chastised him and gave custody of Lee to the defense on the desertion charge. Outside the court, Lee was attacked by, Barry Toohey, the friend of Dunsmore's who was keeping watch when Dunsmore went to attack Lee. H pulled Toohey off Lee then Lee hit Toohey. Brum pulled Toohey off then stared at H. They both said "let go" and did, then reared back to take a swing at each other. Seeing it, B jumped in the middle and was slugged from both directions breaking his jaw in two places. C flew to Australia in a rage to "keelhaul" H; but, B (going through M as interpreter for his wired-jaw mumble) let them both off the hook. M was the only one who understood him saying she had "learned the language" when her father's jaw was wired for 3 months. C didn't believe B, so made H and Brum go into a warehouse and duke it out until reaching "as much pain as they inflicted on B!" M invited H to dinner and tried to have a romantic conversation with him. H was very uneasy and she opinioned that "you're just this way with me, aren't you?" He said "yes, only with you." She responded "I suppose I should be flattered" and he said "you should be, Sarah." At Luna park they discovered that there couldn't have been a cleat to trip over so Lee and Jenny had lied. Back at court, both all beat up, H and Brum began again. C and M set together comparing their ratings over the speeches. Toohey continued to lie on the stand claiming that Lee "never owned a knife and was killed by that sepo bastard." H calmly proved that he was deliberately lying. Brum smugly presented documents of Lee's previous marriage and called Jenny to testify against Lee. H countered with documents of his own that Lee had married Jenny after being declared dead in Tennessee which should have prevented her testifying but the judge said "this wasn't Tennessee" and allowed it.

H had to have the judge keep Brum "a respectable distance" from the witness; but Brum was able to manipulate her reenactment of the stabbing to his advantage. She, however, surprised everyone by saying she "couldn't lie anymore and Lee had stabbed Dunsmore." Lee told H that he had put everything they owned into Jenny's name when he was arrested so H began tailing Jenny. They got video tape of her leaving her 2 times per week "art class" amorously with "Harold" which they presented in court. She finally recanted and said she lied because she wanted Harold and Harold wanted money. Lee was found not guilty then talked H into letting him have the night to go try to "save his marriage." That night M finally went to dinner with Brum who completely threw himself at her saying he would "make ANY sacrifice." He proposed while she was looking up at the Southern Cross; but, when she hesitated he insisted on her "wearing the ring on the other hand so when she decides she can change it." They both then saw the boat Uluru sailing by with Lee, Jenny and Harold all celebrating their deception. The next day they were all at the airport awaiting Lee's return, expecting just to return for his perfunctory separation. They arrested him for desertion and H said he wanted to go for the death penalty for doing it in a time of war. C mused that the death penalty might not happen but "life in prison is a slam dunk." They met Clayton Webb at the airport who thanked them for not blowing his cover. They had seen him several times, unacknowledged, while they had been there. Each time with a different girl and speaking a different language. Boarding the plane M embraced and kissed Brum. C advised H "you win some, you loose some." Then "don't look back." He did anyway.

Tuesday, February 8, 2000

Boomerang - Part 1 - 100

[A confusing but somewhat key episode] During the Vietnam war PO Kevin Lee of the USS Chicago and Ian Dunsmore of the Australian Navy had a fight over Dunsmore's old girlfriend, Jenny Brooker, when the Chicago docked in Sydney Australia. Jealous, Dunsmore, with his buddies, started a fight then continued it alone on an amusement park dock. He pulled a switchblade then was killed in the tussle when they fell on his knife. Lee, having been forced to marry a girl who was pregnant in Tennessee decided to switch identities with Dunsmore and married Jenny under the name Tom Kingsley. After living in Woolgoolga, in the bush, they eventually moved to Sydney and opened the Uluru restaurant. When their home was burgled a policeman recognized Jenny then eventually arrested "Dunsmore" aka Lee aka Kingsley. He wouldn't talk until JAG was called and Brumby (Brum) called Chegwidden (C) to request Harm (H) and Bud (B) come down to handle the case. Mac (M) was upset that Brum would "sink so low" because he had been trying to get her to Australia ever since he left. He offered plane tickets and sent her water temperature Emails daily. Then, knowing she wasn't requested, she was really upset- Harm said: "he's one smart dingo." When they arrived Brum talked to Bud but ignored H then offered to let H drive thinking he would make a fool of himself driving on the left side. H played into it and gave them a harrowing ride; but, then parallel parked the SUV with ease before announcing he had learned to drive in the Bahamas (on the left side) as a kid. H and Brum stare, smirk, snipe, snarl and malign each other the whole episode. After Brum had snarled accusations at Lee, hell-bent to convict him for murder, and H had calmly tried to find the truth, B told them there were "real good at playing good-cop/bad-cop." In unison they responded "who's playing!"

Washington DC was buried in a blizzard and M caught cold. H called to convince C to extradite Lee for trial but was turned down. Brum smugly sniped that only H had ever been uncertain who had jurisdiction and H told him that "one day they would strip blouses." Brum retorted "the question has only been when!" H believed that civilian courts would handle it but then found that Brum had gotten appointed prosecutor and was upset. C apparently left it up to Brum's Australian CO to inform him that H had been appointed defense counsel(?!) M volunteered and finagled a trip to Australia to accompany the "real" Dunsmore's body back. C quipped to Gunny that he wished he could be there to see the story (H, M and Brum) unfold. Immediately upon Ms arrival Brum became "on-the-make" and convinced her to go to the beach with him. He whined at her about wearing an "Australian bikini" (hat and bottoms) over her objections just to tie her straps behind her. [it wasn't shown if he complied or not] B and H saw them sitting together believing she was topless. B thought he was talking to gunny about the topless beaches but Harriet was on the phone and spent the rest of the episode in a snit. Brum took H and B to lunch unknowingly at the Uluru restaurant where Jenny overheard them talking and ran away. Talking with Lee, B said that desertion charges were usually dropped and the Irony was that his wife Jenny's testimony would probably be believed if it was against him but wouldn't be now that he was married to her. H voiced his disrespect of Lee saying that "my father died doing his duty and you lived running from yours." Lee asked "how can I trust that you won't let them hang me?" and H responded "because, like my father, I do my duty." When H finally got to talk to Jenny she "parroted" her description of events and told them "you don't want to know what I really remember, because it would hang him." (Continued to next episode)

Tuesday, February 1, 2000

Cabin Pressure - 99

Chegwidden (C) assigned Harm (H) and Mac (M) to investigate the murder of PO Chinick aboard the USS Suribache while he flew to the USS Manassas for a retirement party of, Vice Admiral Richard Kern, the last other member of his SEAL team on active duty. PO De Mara (DM)was seen leaving the machinery room, where Chinick was found with a rope around his neck; and, was put in the brig where H was interrogating him with Chief Master at Arms Sturdevant. The ship hit an uncharted reef and grounded blocking the brig hatch and trapping them all below. DM freaked out and became very angry and loud. Above, M called to the brig and told H that Chinick was a "one man black market for booze, drugs, and porn" but the captain had become suspicious and NCIS was going to bust him when they docked. Bud (B), who was dog-sitting Jingo, found that DM had a captains mast on his last ship for having a "habit of falling asleep on watch." H told M that "to call DM unstable would be an insult to unstable people." The brig began leaking and DM attacked Sturdevant when he tripped while trying to remove him from the cell in handcuffs. DM had the gun and forced H to continue to talk about the murder. H deduced that DM was having withdrawals from drugs. He admitted Chinick was his supplier of seed, so he could stay awake; but continued to raise prices, claiming that he had "increased overhead." They argued then, later, he got a note from Chinick to meet him in the mechanical room. The note was still in the sweatband of his cap in his locker and H said that he could lift some fingerprints from it because someone may be trying to frame him.

C was worried about "slowing down" in his abilities and Kern reminisced that they had always said "if they couldn't be out front they'd rather be out of sight." The Manassas (with C) was sent to assist and during the tow the ship shifted trapping DM under a heavy steel cage. Water rose & boat shifted trapping DM under metal cage. The phone went dead and chlorine gas began leaking. C told M that "H is too pig headed to leave this world, he'll find a way out." M asked "even if they offer him wings, sir?" Lt Jenarette finally opened the hatch and Sturtevant came out but told everyone that H and DM were dead. They resealed the hatch and left them there. The Capt. wouldn't let Jenarette go back with breathing equipment. C and M argued with him but he didn't give in. C didn't believe Sturtevant's story so, outranking the captain, C went to rescue H himself with Jenarette. Just as the water was passing DMs mouth, the ship shifted and released him. He asked H "how did you do that?" and H answered "faith." When they got to the locked hatch H asked, rhetorically, "how are we going to get out?" DM answered, "faith, sir?" just as C opened it and brilliant light streamed down on them.

H appeared in Sturtevant's quarters dripping wet and asked him if he had a towel. H and C told the captain that Sturdevant was "on the take" with Chinick and, when he found Chinick was going to be arrested, killed him so he wouldn't talk. He framed DM and when DM said he had a note in his locker that proved his innocence Sturtevant decided to kill them too. The captain asked "how did you know they were alive." C responded "we didn't" and M said they just had "experience with H." The captain asked H if he was "tenacious" and C broke in "have you ever tried to get gum off your shoe?"