Tuesday, January 30, 2001

Collision Course - 123

During war games between Greece and the US, Capt James Merrick came out of fog, closed on the Greek Gelibolu to shoot, just as it turned into them. Not able to avoid collision they rammed leaving 7 dead and 2 missing. The SECNAV, again acting like ass, circumvented Harm (H) and Mac's (M)investigation then lied to them that the other countries were also charging their captains and demanded Chegwidden (C) prosecute personally. C appointed H and M to defend and called the XO to testify against Merrick who seemed to be determined to fall on his sword. A third ship, Turkish, were claiming the Greek ship was in their waters (an uninhabited rock). An 8 minute "pissing" contest ensued then the Turks tried to ram the Greek ship; who was then caused to turn into the US ship. H and M impeach Greek and Turk captains for their own dereliction on the stand. But Merrick wouldn't let H impeach his XO claiming that it would ruin his career. Instead, he told H to get a "plea."

C found that the SECNAV had lied to him and stood up to him saying that he thought "you would look out for your people." So C told H that his plea was "unacceptable" in a sort of "code" that they should press forward. H & M then continued their investigation and discovered that Gelibolu had radar troubles prior to the games so the games should have been postponed or cancelled. However, Adm Picato (the exercise commander) colluded with the Greeks to continue before the end of the fiscal year. H put that information in a damaging report and they all delivered it to the SECNAV who realized that it would embarrass the UN. He threw it in the garbage and gave Merrick the chance to retire. Adm Picato was charged ("just as long as it's not the Greeks or Turks").

Mikey (Mk) visited Bud (B) and met Gunny's (G)sister Valerie. Mk took her on a date to Gs dismay and they were out all night. Singer (S), in sort of comic relief this episode, was stuck with extra work as long as H & M were out. When G intercepted a phone message for Valerie he headed straight for Mk but S headed him off pointing out that Valerie and Mk were "not in the same league." Tiner complimented her for her kindness and she threw it back at him saying that "as long as the Hatfield's and McCoy's are feuding she had more work." Mk thought he was in love but Valerie showed up with her boyfriend which G disliked even more. G told Mk that Valerie never listened to him and always did the opposite so he would tell her that he hated Mk "every chance he got."

Tuesday, January 16, 2001

Baby It's Cold Outside - 121

Chegwidden (C) headed a captain selection board and had Mac (M) take his place as temporary JAG. The SECNAV pressured C to promote Lindsey carefully avoiding using his name directly. C presented Lindsey personally but he clearly wasn't as good as the other candidates we saw presented. Under direct questions from Capt. Ingles C couldn't say that he would have Lindsey on his staff "because he goes beyond the limit." Lindsey ran around apologizing to C & M but it didn't help. The SECNAV then wouldn't sign the selection boards recommendations and ordered C to "have them do it again" paying particular attention to those with "computer and clerical background"! When the board wouldn't be bullied he finally threatened C with dumping on him in his next fitness evaluation.

An ex-Staff Sgt Daniel Craig, parking attendant, struck a black man who was abusing his son. The states attorney Alton Foreland was trying to get life imprisonment under the "3 strikes" law and needed to use records of Craig's court-martial where there was a death of a recruit. Harm (H) defended but was not successful in getting the previous court-marshal, where he "fallen on his sword" and plead guilty in the death of a recruit by hypothermia, overturned. Foreland said he "held black men to higher standard." On the stand Craig said that he did the same thing for his recruits. "The only thing they had to do to survive was stick together but they weren't a team." He commented that "if Foreland was in his position, he would be on trial." Foreland dropped the life charge, and eventually said he agreed "it would have been me."

Tiner successfully helped Gunny (G) contest 7 parking tickets using his limited law school experience. In a final scene at McMurphy's C confided to M that he had effectively put a bullet in his career but wouldn't give specifics. He reminisced that Napolean had said in choosing commanders "he just chose the lucky ones" then said that he "was lucky in his people." He told her that there was no more girlfriend Walden and when M started to give some consoling words he pulled back saying "ok, we've just reached the limits of touchy-feely." As others came in he had to tell them all the same thing in turn. The jukebox played "baby it's cold outside" and each joined in singing.

Tuesday, January 9, 2001

Touch and Go - 120

Caitlin Pike is back at JAG, TDY, and Chegwidden (C) offered her a position which made Singer (S) jealous. Adm Curt Hollenbeck, friend of Cs, was selected to be the new Inspector General. Pike told Harm (H) that Hollenbeck had groped her 4 years earlier and they were overheard by S. Pike also told Mac (M) of an additional un-amicable affair with another senior officer who had then given her a bad fit rep which hurt her career. The story about Hollenbeck leaked to the press and H accused S of doing it. She didn't deny it - just 'You know me so little." Hollenbeck was charged with conduct unbecoming and M got C to recuse her from defending him in an article 32 hearing. H prosecuted. Mattoni defended and asked S to "dig up dirt" on Pike for his defense.

Bud (B) defended a female Cpl, with a tattoo on her gluteus, whose CO wouldn't approve her promotion without the standard photo disclosure. The Cpl refused, claiming gender discrimination. B failed to be able to circumvent the CO so the Cpl finally relented. Then the CO didn't even look at the photo, but tore it up saying he "just didn't want to give her special treatment." Mattoni then brought out Pikes previous affair to discredit her on the stand and Pike accused M of "tattling." M told pike that she was "indiscrete" and to "shut her big mouth before she said something else that M shouldn't hear." Hollenbeck explained that he had accidentally slipped; but, that when he tried to explain it, Pike had cut him off so he just let it lie. H got the SECNAV to waive the confidentiality of Pikes previous promotion board and found that Hollenbeck had been on the promotion board. On the stand he questioned Hollenbeck why Kate had been "deep selected" from the "low zone" over Brockman's bad report and suggested impropriety. Hollenbeck's appointment as Inspector General was cancelled. Brum finally realized that how he pursued M could be considered sexual harassment - "I was relentless." Cs toast to Brum & Ms engagement was: "the only gift greater than the air in your lungs is the hand you hold." Pike left Washington telling S she held her in contempt. She told H that the last thing he needed in his life was a third woman - her, Mac and Renee (who had all been very awkward with each other.)