Tuesday, October 31, 2000

JAG TV - 115

Ensign Kingsly killed Misty James, her husband Andy's lover, with a pipe wile she was forcing Andy to break up with Misty in her presence. Harm (H) and Mac (M) investigated and found that Kingsley and her husband had different stories but James had no defensive marks on her body and the fingerprints on the pipe, which were hers, were placed over spinal fluid meaning that she was attacked by surprised and the pipe placed in her hand after she had been hit. When Kinsley was arrested she hired Juanita Ressler, Ms old law school professor, to defend her. Ressler had her appear in the press where she claimed that she used self defense and had screamed out "they are trying to kill me." The press went into a feeding frenzy. M refused interviews but Ressler played to them and personally attacked M. Craig Kilborn showed a photo of M in a bikini with lude jokes and Ressler told them that she thought M would make a "better lap dancer than a lawyer." M couldn't obtain a "gag order" because the SECNAV allowed the court martial to be televised. Ressler played to the cameras. Bud was flummoxed by the. When Ressler was able to pressure security chief Dandridge into claiming he heard someone say "they are trying to kill me" that he had only ever heard on television, C counseled M to open up to the press. When M was unable to find direct evidence for several "rumored" prior incidents of Kingsley's violence, she finally gave a television interview. She said she was "disappointed in the many rumors" about Kingsley and "only dealt in facts." Several people came forth and M was able to get Kinsley to claim she wasn't emotion and "wouldn't do that" opening the door for using the new evidence. M also began playing Ressler's game with the cameras and quickly gained national TV notoriety. Kingsly was convicted and, when asked, M said that she was disappointed Ressler had obscured the truth and that she (M) had used trickery to bring it forward. The reporter asked "wasn't that what lawyers did?" and M replied "unfortunately it is."

Harm investigated the apparent suicide of PO Matteo Palermo at the impassioned request of Palermo's grandmother who was being prevented from burying him next to his mother by religious rules. Palermo had run out on the carrier deck in front of a landing F14 yelling "lets rumble"- the battle cry of comic book character Captain Atomic. H realized that Palermo had not been despondent because he had just finished writing a letter to his grandmother that he had been accepted into the SEAL program and was getting leave to ask his girlfriend to marry him. H had blood work done and found LSD in Palermo's blood. After seeing the comic book in Palermo's quarters and speaking with his roommate, H noticed the stamp on the grandmothers letters was different than all the other letters he had sent. H had the stamp tested and found LSD then talked with the roommate and found that it was his stash of stamps which had been accidentally borrowed for Palermo's letter. Palermo was buried with military honors by his mother.

The press claimed that M was engaged to Brumby (Brum) after he had told them he wouldn't "abuse his fiancé's privacy." M called Brumby and left a phone message that he had no right telling the press that they "were engaged when they weren't and weren't likely to be if he kept it up." Danny Walden was caught by Chegwidden (C) coming home at 5:30 am just as C was up jogging after staying with Danny's mother. Danny claimed that he had "fallen asleep on a friends couch." He then manipulated Chegwidden into loaning him his SUV, ostensibly to pick up a tree for his mothers birthday present. The SUV was found, by Detective Grady, locked and abandoned in a ditch with 8oz of marijuana in it. Danny had neither filed a police report nor told C but claimed that it had been stolen from the nursery parking lot but he just didn't have the courage to tell C. Then he denied being stoned or knowing about the drugs in Cs personal questioning.

Tuesday, October 24, 2000

Flight Risk - 114

[Barely believable episode] Tiner (Ti) looked through a college catalogue for classed to complete his bachelor's degree thinking of going to law school. Then he commented to Gunny (G) that he thought that being a lawyer was too calm and peaceful using the office as an example of people being so "nice." G complimented him on his powers of observation. Renee showed a sneak preview of her election commercial for Bobbi Latham to the JAG crew but it was anti-military spending and fell flat. She said they weren't her target audience. H hadn't heard from Sergei in two weeks. Renee still nagged Harm (H) to tell his mother about his half-brother Sergei. After all she had raised H alone so "probably wouldn't break." He came home one evening to find his mother and Renee in his apartment. Hs mother was on her way back from Venice where she renewed her vows with Frank, her new husband. Renee told H to ask them "where Frank bought their ring." H might have told his mother about Sergei but she revealed that she had "grieved all over again" when she found out that H had evidence he was really dead. Chegwidden (C) told Dr Walden that the next place they went for lunch had to have vertebrates on the menu, and asked her to the opera for her birthday. Danny Walden came to JAG and told (C)C about usually having dinner at a favorite resteraunt of his fathers on his mothers birthday so C agreed to go change and go with them both. C asked Mac (M) to look at, and comment on, his birthday gift, the complete works of Shakespeare. She called it "too thoughtful" and not enough romantic until C quoted a very romantic passage from it. Then Danny was a "no-show" at the dinner and didn't answer his phone so as to destroy his mothers date with C. They finally found him at home feigning innocence with a grin obvious to C but not to his mother.

H and Bud (B) bet on Ms tardiness to work. H won $1 for 0:5:12. Brumby (Brum) was there unexpectedly to M and embarrassed her. She told him "surprise, I've moved to America; surprise you're my brunch date; surprise, were working together." He claimed he "didn't want to mix business and pleasure" and she said "but back on the surprises or there won't be any more pleasure." H and B were assigned to investigate Frohl Technologies where two navy pilots were killed picking up a refurbished F14. Brum was representing FrohlTech and dogged them claiming pilot error, even into their JAG meeting! (?!!) He interfered with their interviews of employees and H didn't comment on it (?!!) Lt. Burke and Cdr Urquizu signed for the plane from Lt Cdr Holtsford, working at FrohlTech, then died when it crashed after take off. They met FrohlTech's test pilot, Wilson, who invited H to fly with him sometime. H finally talked to a rude mechanic alone who asked "what do pilots use for birth control?" H answered, "their personality," and asked "what is the difference between a pilot and a jet engine?" The mechanic answered, "the engine stops whining when it lands." H found that a plane was ready for pickup except for a CSD (constant speed drive) so Holtsford used the one out of the mishap plane. Then when it was ready he cannibalized the CSD from another arriving plane without paperwork, testing or inspection. C agreed to proceed with court martial of Holtsford but Latham (L)came asking for records saying that she had given Holtsford immunity for testifying in her committee on military waste and fraud. She became loud and abusive to H saying that "it's a done deal" so he demanded to be there. She was against project "spyglass" (another FrohlTech project) and H said that there wouldn't be a hearing if she wasn't in a reelection campaign. Going to a pre-hearing conference Congressman Porter told H that he was on "a fool's errand" to which L commented "and that makes me the fool?" Porter said that Spyglass was satellites which could read the label on Castro's cigar. Holtsford asked if he had immunity in the conference as well and was told "as long as you tell the truth." He dumped the whole thing on FrohlTech, saying that they never had enough man power, cut corners, hired inexperienced mechanics making it impossible to do the job without cannibalizing parts, falsifying reports and gun decking inspections; and so they could get through this job and onto the next. H said it was Holtsford's job to protect the Navy's interest and he said that he had been passed over for Cdr twice and was out in a year. FrohlTech had offered him a job to if he just got the planes out on time.

H was having mixed feelings about FrohlTech because he liked Spyglass. Porter questioned Holtsford who said that he had never seen the Jim Hepperly, the "big boss." Then Porter revealed a secret tape recording from Hepperly's office of Holtsford trying to "shake them down" for money in order to "say the right thing." Hepperly told him to "get out of his office." So L "bailed" on the issue trying to avoid bad press. H pointed out that Holtsford had lied making his immunity void and the court-martial back on. He volunteered to defend Holtsford and C advised that "there were other forums to expose corporate misdeeds." Brum still dogged Hs interview and was complimented on his "complete whitewash, except you forgot to fill in the hole where they crashed." Wilson asked H if he was "still turning over rocks" and H said that "the worms have a lawyer" so he had to leave. He then took Wilson up on the offer to fly and was told it was though H had never been out of the cockpit. They had to hurry back because the runway closed at 4 pm and he would be fined $500 which made H suspicious and he faked a CSD failure nearly running them into the ground until Wilson said "damn idiots, they keep doing this!" He still refused to testify for H because they wouldn't let him fly again but told H where to look. Brum claimed harassment and M obviously tag teamed with him against H so the judge denied Hs request for records. A mechanic said that when he came to work at 3 Wilson had just taken off to test the mishap plane. H knew Wilson couldn't have done the full 2 hour test if the runway closed at 4 so Wilson finally agreed to testify. He said that they scheduled 3 tests after noon which couldn't be done. M was shamed into agreeing with obtaining records and FrohlTech swamped them with useless records to obfuscate issues. L, B, M and H were going over the records when Brum walked in and confessed that he was there while the top echelon were culling papers to submit. He said that he had taken a memo and then gave them the "smoking gun." The memo was about "risk/reward analysis" on the refurbishment project and said they would cut their losses by "limiting the parameters of infrastructure support" preferring a few fines to the continued losses of doing it right. H and M bargained for Holtsford's "negligent homicide with 18 months." FrohlTech got a $10 million fine, reprimand and promise to work harder on the spyglass project.

Tuesday, October 17, 2000

Florida Straits - 113

Brumby (Brum) came to Mac's (M) apartment dressed in dark glasses and trench coat because "you only spend time with spy's." He said he had moved into Rock Creek Park with a good view and asked M to come with him to a lunch in his honor given by the boss of his new firm. M felt uncomfortable but agreed to go and was introduced to Larry Kaliski, senior partner at Ryan, Price and Sealy. Brum left her alone and she saw Kaliski and others ogling her and Brum gloating about being with her. Upset, she confronted him and he flew off the handle playing the martyr about having to constantly pursue her and walk her dog. He angrily shot that he "wasn't going to jeopardize this opportunity because of something that happened to her in her past" and told her to "get in the car." He later called and left a message on her machine that he had calmed down enough to talk and gave his address meant M had to come to him. She did and found him, still arrogant and playing the martyr, but she apologized to him. She told him that he "challenged her, in the best way, my preconceptions about men." He asked "do you love me?" and she said "yes." He said "is that because I love you," and she responded, "because you ARE you." He lit a match and said he was adding "another light to celebrate another week of having each other in our lives." Dr Walden and her son Danny came to JAG when Chegwidden (C) had forgotten their dinner date. She had told C that Danny had "good character" for returning a "friends" stolen goods. Renee, in Harm's (H) apartment, advised him that he should not keep information about his newly found brother, Sergei, from his mother because she had a right to know. Before that was settled Chegwidden called with an assignment.

Capt Berroa of the frigate USS Stanley Dace went to rescue Reynalda Montilla, a girl floating in the ocean off Cuba, and was "painted" by a Cuban vessel. They backed the vessel off but C sent Harm (H) and Bud (B) to investigate. Berroa, a Cuban orphan himself, said that Reynalda would probably be sent back because she wasn't "feet dry" (having had her feet on US soil). She and her father were in a 12 foot scow going to Florida when it sank in total darkness. He put air in his pants for a flotation device for her but was separated. She was poked by sharks until rescued. Her mother died when she was three and said she wanted to be taken to the US. Berroa denied permission for the INS agent, Mrs. Vitagliano, to land aboard the ship and told H that he was going to see that Reynalda got to the US. Thinking quick, H suggested that the INS might send Reynalda to the US because her father was dead and she had relatives in Florida. C told H that the "president was having 'Elian Gonzales nightmares' and doesn't want her anywhere near US soil." H didn't tell C about the helicopter incident then explained to B that he "respected the captain because he was smart enough to stay true to his principles without breaking rules." Vitagliano said she was sending Reynalda back because she had relatives in Cuba with the means to care for her. She explained that the circuit appeals court had held that a 12 year old could apply for asylum but a 6 year old wasn't old enough to do it. Reynalda began having stomach cramps while the Berroa was talking to her and he suggested that they take Reynalda to the US for diagnosis and treatment. Alone, he told her he hadn't suggested Reynalda fake an illness because he "breaks rules cleanly." Reynalda developed a fever so Vitagliano decided to allow taking her to the US. While H was on speakerphone explaining to the SECNAV and C they heard the general quarters alarm on the ship and H hung up. The Cubans claimed that Orlando Montilla, her father, was picked up by a garbage scow and returned to Cuba. Reynalda became "stable" so Vitagliano flip-flopped and wanted to send her back. H suggested that they verify the Cubans claim and the government invited Vitagliano and H to come and see. They were taken to see Castro and were shown on ZNN where C could see.

The Cuban interpreter wasn't doing it right so H confronted her on it. She then interpreted correctly but the father seemed pressured to say that he was happy in Cuba with his newly offered job and wanted to be with Reynalda. H told the captain of his orders and Berroa ordered him to stand down then headed for Key West. He told them that his Cuban parents had sent him, at four year of age, alone, to the US when they heard that Cuban children were being sent to school in East Germany. His father died in prison and his mother died of "heart failure" when she was 38. The SECNAV and C called and Berroa put the call on speakerphone so the SECNAV couldn't swear or act abusive. C advised the SECNAV to relieve Berroa of command and before he could Berroa cut the connection. H advised the XO, Cdr William Crozier, to get the SECNAV back on the phone but he said that he wouldn't. H asked if it was worth "your career to take a dive for the captains principles." Crozier wanted to talk to Reynalda who then told them that she still wanted to go to the US because she and her father had made an agreement that the one who made it would stay and the other would keep trying. A flash message came to the XO from the SECNAV and Berroa put Crozier under arrest so he couldn't take it. When they arrived at Key West they were stopped by Rodney Koger of the state department who told Vitagliano that it was the 7th circuit appeals court who set up the age of 12 and "we are in the 11th circuit." H stepped in with the idea that the parents wishes had no bearing when they were "abusive. He endangered her life in a broken down ship." He suggested Vitagliano take Reynalda into custody for processing. And B said "if the father wants to contest it he can come her to testify." Vitagliano backed Koger down the Reynalda was shown putting her feet on US soil and Berroa taken into custody. Vitagliano told H that if she "wasn't too old, too short or too married… never mind."

Tuesday, October 10, 2000

Legacy (Part II) - 112

[Continuation of season opener, an important episode to Harm's back-story] Sergei Zhukov, Harm's (H) recently found brother, showed H a photo that he carried of Harmon Rabb Sr and Sergei's mother together in Russia. Meanwhile, Alexi the opportunist cab driver, met Mac (M) and Webb (W) at the airport. M asked him if he was still working for the CIA, KGB, FSB or Russian Mafia. Sokol interrupted with "no, for me." Sokol was upset that they were in Russia and was going to deport them until W offered to work for him; because, "who else can you trust?" Sokol took W with him and told M that H went to investigate Krylof without knowing he was in the middle of their investigation of Rokotof the assassin. M asked Alexi what the fare was to Chechnya. Corporal Trapeznikov, the communication clerk who called Sergei the order to abandon the convoy, was gone. He was granted an early discharge by Krylov. They went to the exit camp and Trapeznikov said that it was Krylov who had ordered the guards to withdraw, then told them were to find the original signed order. M, speaking Russian fluently, bribed her way through a guard that was ordered to stop a Moscow taxi. Changing a flat tire, Alexi wanted to turn back and alluded to her love for H. She said she was practically engaged to Brumby (Brum) and Alexi asked "how many artillery attacks have you driven through for him?" H and Volkonov found the signed order but Krylov planted stolen weapons on Sergei's helicopter and arrested him on a trumped up charge of treason. W panicked that M was missing. Sokol confessed that he had manipulated Hs whole situation and that he did "like H" which is why he had "thrown something extra in the pot for him to meet a family surprise."

H and Volkonov were allowed to defend Sergei but their witness was "accidentally" killed in a mine accident. The trial was a set up with graft ridden judges who denied all motions and threatened to jail H for submitting evidence against Krylov. Krylov lied and H had to refute him with the information that Sergei was his brother. Sokol lost Rokatov from his surveillance. President Putin was flying to visit his troops at Krylov's camp. Sergei was sentenced to death, after the judges denied any appeal, to be carried out the next day. H and Volkonov went to appeal to Krylov for a stay to appeal, under their law, to Putin. Krylov said they could "ask Putin themselves this afternoon when he comes." She M arrived H, Sergei and Volkonov were all locked in the brig together close to where Putin was shortly arriving. She spotted Rokatov the informed them all of the assassin then was locked in as well. Rokatov drove a vehicle loaded with explosives next to the brig; then, when guards tried to keep them inside H subdues him and they went after Rokatov. Sergei defused the remote device and H hot-wired the vehicle. He chased Rokatov, who had the remote detonator, down the tarmac. He caught up with him just as Sokol and W arrived. Sergei refused to go back with H even with Ws 1st class "company" upgrade.

Bud (B) defended the navy in a suit brought by Miss Reynolds, a reality show contestant, for causing her to loose a million dollars when they "rescued" her from her sinking raft in the ocean. The same full-of-herself, I-am-the-law civilian judge as in other episodes was a survivor fan and "chatted" with Reynolds on the stand. Reynolds claimed she didn't want to be rescued. Captain Anson said he thought that her unrealistic combativeness was delirium and that he had never heard of the TV show. B showed that the captain was under orders to rescue anyone in distress in the sea. Reynolds was belligerent and condescending about the ships sailors who hadn't even heard of the show - B put her in her place. The shows producer, Berlin, said that Reynolds was in no danger then pre-emptively announced that she had been selected as the first contestant in their new series "marry me now" and would win $1 million if she was married in four hours. The judge dismissed the case when Reynolds began asking everyone in the courtroom to marry her. Brum came to JAG, ostensibly to deliver a witness list, but asked Chegwidden (C) about Ms wereabouts. C asked him if he was "more bothered that M was missing or that H was missing with her."

Tuesday, October 3, 2000

Legacy (Part I) - 111

[Two part season opener important to Harm's backstory] Russian helicopter pilot Sergei Zhukov was shot down over Chechnya by a missile. Before it exploded he went back for his papers which turned out to be a photo of Harm (H). H was sent to Russia to "advise" on their military's legal system. Chegwidden (C). told him "just don't shoot holes in their courtroom ceilings." He was stuck in an old lavatory with a selection of files 30 years old in Russian. A Russian came in appearing drunk and going to use the toilet before H strongly stopped him. He helped H read some Russian files until H showed insight into Russian soldiers' problems then dropped his drunk act. Capt Volkonov told him that some "do-gooders" in the Kremlin arranged Hs mission but "these people see no advantage in it." He enlisted Hs support in going after a corrupt Col Gen, Arkady Krylov. He showed H Krylov's mansion which he obtained by selling weapons to Chechens. He was the Dept Commander of Western Forces who were fighting the Chechens! They went to Krylov's base, ostensibly to observe the legal system, and Krylov assigned Zhukov to fly them around a limited area. Eventually Zhukov told H that the missile which shot him down was Russian and rumors were that arms convoys from Kanyshev arrive with less than their manifests. H and Volkonov flew with Zhukov in air support for the next convoy. He dropped them off to inspect the manifest and was ordered to go to Bamut while they did. The convoy was ambushed and everyone killed except H and Volkonov. When Zhukov returned H slugged him for setting them up and called him a liar. Sergei said he "would not lie to the son of Lt Harmon Rabb" and explained that Rabb had escaped from a Siberian Gulag and was taken in by a farm woman in the village of Suishchevo. He later died defending the woman from drunken soldiers; and, the woman was his mother so H was his brother.

Mac (M) and Bud (B) were prosecuting Cdr Wade Carlton who was caught selling secrets to a Russian Embassy agent Andre Suknoff. Carlton tried to bargain with M for his cooperation but was blown up in a car bomb. C, M and B went over all the information he sold and found a map of Michigan and some plans for an unknown plant named "rouge." B found a new phone number Carlton had called several times after his arrest and it turned out to be Clayton Webb's (W). W said that Carlton had wanted to trade information on a big operation but W had delayed until after the trial which was too late. Brumby (Brum) was at Ms apartment fixing dinner when W came with information so he was sent to walk Jingo. M and B accompanied W to find the person who recently bought a remote control device and met "Mark Falcon"/ Major Sokol at the house. Sokol said that the assassin was Vasilieve Rokatov but he had already gone. M and Brum were going out again when Sokol came with new information so Brum took Jingo for another walk. Sokol told M, W and B that Rokatov had also been paid for an earlier assassination in the US but it had been cancelled then recently rescheduled. B put together that it was the Detroit "rouge" auto plant that President Putin had planned to visit. A military faction, which Suknoff and Krylov were in, had Carlton killed because he had guessed their plan. Krylov was then shown talking to Rokatov in Russia.

W convinced C that M should go to Russia to act independently pursuing the assassin of Carlton because they were uncertain which KGB faction Sokol was really in. C told him that he just wanted a "stalking horse to stir things up" and W agreed. He told M to "go get 'em" then menacingly told W "you better keep an eye on her." Harriet (Ht) returned Madonna's dress that she had worn but it had cheesecake stains on it. She had pelvic pains at JAG and C took her to the doctor's office. They met Dr. Gettis who was ordering a Porsche because he was a "short timer." He did an ultrasound which showed that she just had ligament strain and that the baby was a girl. Brum fished for assurance that M wanted him there, after quitting the navy and moving to DC without telling her. B was assigned to defend the Navy against a suit by a contestant in a reality show who had been "rescued" from a sinking raft against her will, thus causing her to loose the contest.