Saturday, December 9, 1995

Scimitar - 10

Corporal John Edner was killed and Corporal David Anderson captured when they got lost just inside the Iraqi border. President Clinton was shown watching SadDAM announce he would return Edner's body and allow US legal team to defend Anderson for espionage. Harm underwent extraction combat training but Meg, who was not told, worked with Lindsey to prep legally. H told her that she was to be lead council to "throw them off guard." Someone named Scimitar, who's information had been correct, but no one knew, was to give H a satellite uplink and escape route. Anderson's pregnant wife gave them a letter to give to her husband and H was to give him a small transponder locater. Lindsay was shown appreciating all the dirty "lawyer tricks" that Hussein was pulling. Colonel Ahmad al-Barzan was director of security and ran the show. He was also the judge. A Lieutenant Dumai was given as their "chaperone." Meg tried to befriend her but she challenged her "disrespect for men." Mg said she "respected but not feared." Barzan began mentioning his "scimitar" collection to H and "nearly winking" so H thought he must be the contact.

Ibram Talfa, who led the capture of Anderson, lied in court. When Mg started to cross, Barzan refused to let a woman speak. H then tripped up Talfa's lies showing they had actually been across the Kuwait border and Barzan recessed. Someone had written Scimitar and directions to the N E corner of the grounds on Hs papers, he thought it was Barzan. Mg saw him sneak out at night to get the uplink and nearly get caught on the way back. She went into Hs room and let Barzan find her there so H could sneak into hers. Dumai was beaten for not knowing they had switched rooms. Mg tried to get her to call her Meg but she refused saying that "US is like a child who has lived nothing but thinks it knows everything." Basically she said: you come back after 1000 years as a country and we might listen to you. The next day Talfa recanted his testimony. Mg went to dinner w/ Barzan over Hs objections. While gone Dumai told H that she was Scimitar and that the security force were expecting an escape and knew the name scimitar. They went to get Mg who they found being intimidated by Barzan's swords. Dumai shot Barzan and they used his body to get them past the guards in the car and into the prison. They shot the guards and escaped into the desert but were shot at and followed. Dumai asked H to hit her on the head and leave her but he said no so Mg hit her. She finally said thanks calling her Meg. As the helicopter was shooting rockets at them a US Cobra came over the hill and when fired on, shot them down.

Saturday, November 11, 1995

War Cries - 8

Ramon Escamilla, a 15 year old high school student, was shot and killed while trying to scale the wall of the Peruvian embassy near the embassador's quarters. Corporal Parr said he saw a muzzle flash before he shot at the boy but no weapon was found. He didn't tell anyone that he had been distracted by a girl, Tienna, who had called to him through the gate. Harm and Meg assigned to investigate and met at airport by Gunny Granger who didn't salute Mg and, when challenged, said he didn't want people to know she was an officer for security reasons. Ambassador Bartlet shown as an hysterical incompetent who tried on the phone to get someone to get the first lady to "get her out of here." At first H had to reign in Mg telling her to "try it with a little more objectivity." An old woman in black left a bomb at the embassy gate killing a marine. Ambassador told H & Mg to solve the problem or they would be in front of her at a dedication function the next day. Mg saw gunny intimidating Parr and loudly backed him down ordering him to leave Parr alone. H went to visit Ramon's mother & found Tienna, his sister, in the house as well. They had scrapbook pictures of "her son" and when Mrs. Escamilla asked if it was Parr who had killed her son, Tienna got upset and kicked them out but not before they heard that Tienna was pregnant by Parr.

Mg had Parr lift her to the wall & over and found a shell to an assassins weapon. Mg thought Granger was trigger happy and interferes w/ him several times including ordering him to "stand down" when Gunny was going to rescue Parr, who he thought had been kidnapped by the Sendero Luminoso (shining path). When they arrived at Escamilla's house they found Luminoso members there who fled. Mrs. Escamilla told them that the Luminoso came to kill Tienna who was at the church. H arrived to the church just as the Luminoso were trying to kill Parr. She told everyone that she had no where to go to be safe and H suggested sanctuary in the embassy. Hs skillful questioning got Tienna to admit that Ramon was Luminoso and the ambassador could have been the target. Pres Clinton shown telephoning the ambassador and she didn't cancel the dedication. When they left on a secret route Tienna shown trying to distract Parr in the communication room. The ambassador convoy was ambushed with missile weapons and her Kevlar vest saved her. Gunny jumped into the fray and took out most of the terrorists but with held firing on a grieving woman in a robe. When he turned away the woman shot him and Mg shot her. The woman was Mrs. Escamilla so they knew Tienna was probably as well. They notified Parr that the ambassador was on her way back to the embassy and Tienna was Luminoso. He didn't answer but when Tienna tried to con him again and pulled a gun on him, he shot her.

Mg finally accepted what a good soldier Gunny was as his coffin was being loaded onto air transport. They had finally discovered that all three "Escamilla's" were members of the same shining path cell, none of them were even related and Tienna was not pregnant - it was all a ruse.

Saturday, November 4, 1995

Pilot Error - 7

Lt Lucas Pendry, Hs old roommate, was killed during testing maneuvers of a aircraft guidance system built for the air force but, because of budgetary reasons, was being "pushed" on the Navy. As he came over the ridge hugging the ground on APTURN autopilot he was inverted and was being blamed for causing accident by turning off equipment to win the scenario. James Reid, Macroplex representative, clearly announced himself as the champion of APTURN which couldn't be at fault and he would do anything to prove it. Reid tried to embarrass H by "letting slip" his friendship for the dead pilot and his family. After apologizing to Meg for not disclosing his relationship they began trying to prove what really happened because, knowing Pendry, he wouldn't have been that stupid to fly inverted over rough terrain 500 feet off the ground! H visited Annie, Pendry's wife, and Josh, their son, who was the same age as H when his father went missing in Vietnam. H had flashbacks to his own notification by military personnel and mothers grief. Lt McKee, Pendry's wingman, had been close to them and had been taken, by Pendry, to the doctor for a D&C. Reid threatened H with "smearing" Pendry's reputation if he didn't back off and, true to form, that just made H all the more intense. Mg interviewed McKee and found that she did have a D&C abortion; but, then told H Pendry wasn't the father but wouldn't tell him who was. They also found that APTURN had to be recalibrated three times more often in the navy than in the air force.

H flew in a simulator of the aircraft with every kind of "failure" anyone could think of thrown at him. He didn't crash and APTURN worked perfectly until Reid suggested he fly upside down. H couldn't prove that it wasn't Pendry's error until, remembering "Fate is a Hunter" movie, he wished out loud to Mg that he could fly and recreate Pendry's fatal mission because it had to be something they were overlooking. Mg sent him to Cdr Dale Bishop who wouldn't allow the flight until H told him of Reid's intention of blackmail and mentioned McKee's pregnancy. (Bishop probably was the father). H flew Pendry's exact mission, with McKee as RIO, which included five carrier traps before using APTURN. H said that was like preparing for a marathon with five boxing matched. H apologized to McKee after slamming on deck in his first trap saying "he was rusty." She replied, "you're corroded." Then after five such landings she said, "Thank God that's over, you're making me wish I'd joined the air force." After the last trap, H noticed that his flight indicator was slightly out of calibration. When they then used APTURN it flipped and wrongly thought it was inverted. H was told to turn off APTURN but he refused, using an override to gain altitude before switching it off. When he did the APTURN then went "wings level and 'climbed' (which really dove) nearly killing them both. When Mg said that APTURN was faulty and hadn't been engineered for use in carrier landings all Reid would say "it will be."

Annie was afraid Josh would become enamored w/ flying, like H had done with his father, and become a pilot.

Saturday, October 21, 1995

Deja Vu - 4

Harm and Meg investigate the series of murders of Navy Lieutenants in the DC area around Arlington cemetery. Detective Axelrad was territorial and refused to share information until Meg "schmoozed" him in a revealing red dress. The victim of the last murder, Lt Harbin, was seen in the company of the Thai ambassador's wife Angelique Sonsiri. She had an "attraction" to Harm and came to his apartment claiming the knife used in killing Harbin was from her set so the killer must have been either her husband or their security chief. CPO Markwood was in the cemetery the night of the death and was paid by someone "not to remember anything"; but later, with a bold of conscience, told H that it was the security chief who had paid him. H & Mg obtained military spy equipment with a requisition signed by acting JAG Ted Lindsay convincing him not to ask what they were for so he could maintain his "deniability." When Angelique went to Hs apartment the security chief "snipered" at them from an adjoining roof top but missed every shot except on Markwood. H cornered the sniper on the roof top and was forced to shoot him; but, a metal sternal plate from an old injury saved his life.

H went to dinner with Angelique who's looks produced "flashbacks" for him back to "Gym," the daughter of a Vietnamese woman who helped Stryker and him look for Rabb Sr. in Laos. H did distrust her and didn't drink the champagne she offered him which might have been spiked; but, she gave him a piece of chocolate containing the heavy antihistamine she used in her murders. She momentarily "lost it" when harm told her his story about Gym. She exclaimed "how do you know they weren't alive - you left them!" She and her mother had been abandoned by her father, Lt Lawton Parker, who had died and was buried in Arlington. She took H to the cemetery to kill him too, but Mg discovered that the security chief was a former sniper and could have killed them but deliberately missed his shots. He had been in love with Angelique for years and was covering up for her murders. He deliberately drew Hs fire to commit suicide. Lindsay told Mg that Parker was in Arlington so she went to find H and had to fight Angelique for the knife but saved the drugged Harm.

Saturday, October 14, 1995

Brig Break - 6

Lt Martin Green, NCI, posed as PO1Peter Quinn & was arrested stealing a "stinger" missile from SEATAC naval ammunitions base. Harm & Meg investigate & meet Lt Caitlin Pike, Hs former partner. Mg & Pike argued that the brig release paperwork was on form 77501 (pike incorrectly saying 77401). While Mg was interviewing Green, "Davis and Jessie" staged a brig break along with the brig's Gunnery Sergeant Gentry. Green, who was a missile expert and black, handcuffed himself to Mg as a hostage in order to prevent her being killed. H noticed them escaping in a bus and ran to jump on board. After wrestling with the driver and KO'ing another he was kicked off the moving bus by Green (and shown getting up from the ground with a clean, pressed undamaged dress uniform.) Base CO Maj ASSpinal screwed up his face, put his nose in the air (and acted like the stereotypical know-it-all, screwed up marine) and refused to take help from any "lawyers" suggesting H start on his investigation. H grabbed his gun saying to Pike that he wasn't required to obey "suggestions." Two hunters claimed they were forced off the road by the bus who also stole their guns and food. They claimed to be hurt and ASSpinal sent them to the base infirmary and told H & Pike to go with them. The hunters refused and took off to the base on their own. ASSpinal argued some more with H refusing to believe that the escape was anything more than opportunistic. H finally shamed him into admitting that a break out involving the head of the brig wouldn't be anything but planned.

Gentry met up with some Aryan nation militia who were very upset that "black" Green was handcuffed to "white" Mg. A helicopter gunship took care of the militia but Gentry's group escaped in the bus. Without regard to any hostage ASSpinal had the bus shot up as well. In the turn-over Jessie was killed and Davis was trapped with a broken leg. Gentry executed Davis so he wouldn't talk then took Green, who was shot in the leg, and Mg with him in a Kodiak launch. ASSpinal ordered the helicopter after the Kodiak too so Gentry shot a stinger at it but it didn't detonate. He blamed Green for that and wondered why Mg was "protecting" him. Gentry shot Green point blank knocking him into the water and pulling Mg under with him. With his last effort Green gave Mg the handcuff keys and she was able to escape back to the surface, and Gentry. ASSpinal had pulled all his men from the base looking for the escapees.

The "hunters" left the infirmary and took over the control station where they could turn off the power to the perimeter fence and unlock the SADAM (Special Atomic Demolition AMmunition) devices and triggers vaults. They stole the SADAM devices and took them to the trigger vault where Gentry had handcuffed Mg to inside the vault. Gentry shot the hunters telling Mg that the Iraqi's paid more than the Aryan Nation. He armed a SADAM setting a 5 digit disarmament code and telling Mg she had 20 minutes to disarm it- "and the code has a seven in it." H & Pike intercepted Gentry escaping and killed him. H grabbed the SADAM to drive it as far from a populated area that 12 minutes would allow. Mg & Pike jumped in the car with him and used their "magic laptop" to find numbers that Gentry might have used. H suggested a number that he might have used every day - such as the brig release paperwork number and Mg & Pike had another argument over whether it was '-401 or -501." Mg disarmed it with 8 seconds left and when H asked which one had been right Mg said that the "person who was wrong wouldn’t want him to know."

Saturday, October 7, 1995

Desert Son - 5

The ner-do-well marine 2nd Lt, Jay Williams, son of the former marine commandant general Thomas Williams, was drunk while calling in range coordinates during a live fire exercise. He transposed the distance coordinates calling a round which wounded several men critically. H & Mg called off another case to investigate this one which everyone said was "open and shut" because Jay admitted to flipping the last two digits. This would mean the end of his Marine career, which is what he wanted as his father had "forced" him into the service. He resented his father partly because he continually compared him to his older brother Michael, who died in Desert Storm. Gen Larry Butler told H & Mg to go interview Capt Reed, who fired the gun, but who resented Jay being an officer "because of his daddy who had the 'button' (congressional medal of honor) from Vietnam." Reed impeded Hs investigation by ordering his men not to talk unless he was present. When H read him the riot act he "neglected" to tell H that the sign marking the "free fire zone" (FFZ) had been knocked down and they drove into fire. Angry H came back to talk to Reed and when he acted the stereotypical smart-aleck marine H decked him. Neither H or Reed would "fink" on the other in front of Gen Butler.

Reed told H to listen to the battlefield communication tape but they found it had been "degaussed" with 60hz hum. Gen Williams told H to basically "show no deference" to his son Jay who had never taken responsibility for anything in his life. His admitting flipping the numbers was completely out of character so H was suspicious of him. Reed's obstruction also pointed suspicion to him and 1st Sgt Hollis was so close to Gen Williams that he could have erased the tape to get Jay off the hook. Gen Williams described Jay's life long friend, Lt Boone, as "the only friend of Jay's I ever approved of." Mg told H she may be able to get the tape restored but wouldn't disclose that she was going to use an old family friend Oliver North ("Ollie"). Jay's girlfriend Tina ran a disco at a bar and told H that Jay wasn't really drunk, he only acted like it so he would be 'buddies' to his men and that she wasn't Jay's girlfriend. The platoon leader injured in the accident eventually died and H amended the charges to Involuntary Manslaughter so Jay changed his plea to not guilty and said that he had only switched labels on the tape "to protect Boone." The "real" tape showed that Lt Boone had kicked the numbers and Gen Butler talked H into leaving the evidence tampering charge up to his discretion under article 15. Jay got minimal punishment and went back to duty where he told his driver that it "was funny he DID range better sober than drunk."

Since Jay had long history of 'almost' being charged for things that were blamed on others, H listened again to the tape and found hiss on the digital tape. He believed that it was copy and that Jay had Tina alter the tape to blame the incident on Boone (who wouldn't get into as much trouble). "Ollie" was able to make a master tape from satellite spy radio conversations, which then proved the deception. Mg kissed Ollie when he gave her the tape and he said that "H will think you're my girlfriend." Mg replied, "That's the idea." When H and Boone went to arrest Jay he shot Boone then the radio, so they couldn't call in a helicopter. Driving away, H jumped on the vehicle and fought with Jay while they drove across the FFZ. When a shell hit, H was thrown clear but the vehicle flipped. As he was dying Jay said "why me." H, however, told Gen Williams that he had said "tell dad I'm sorry." When Mg challenged him on it, H said "that's the way I remember it."

Saturday, September 30, 1995

Shadow - 3

A malignant, computer nerd, techno-pirate, consultant, Mr. Grover, took control of an experimental "shadow" torpedo with his laptop which was also rigged to blow up remote bombs strategically placed around the submarine Tiger Shark. Teddy Lindsey picked Harm up in a helicopter disturbing the morning jog of president Clinton (in a cameo). Meg Austin is assigned to H now as Adm Brovo had made Caitlin Pike his aid. After the senate had grilled Lindsey on the Sea Hawk incident, Brovo told him to "get out of dodge." Transporting to the Tiger Shark in inclement weather H was about to pull Mg back up and she un-hooked dropping into the ocean. H jumped in 50 feet after her. Captain told them that Grover was demanding 40 million in gold and to be taken to Cuban waters or he would cause the Shadow to blow up a cruise liner. From his laptop he had caused the Shadow to dive below a thermocline but, when the sub followed to slip above it again looking like it had disappeared. Grover was an arrogant SOB who blew a bomb to show H & Mg he "was prepared to die."

H discovered that Mg was claustrophobic on sub and told her that he didn't like her because she had not disqualified herself. Mg said that she had broken computer codes in less than 30 seconds - and as long as three days, but that was in Chinese. Mg wanted to take Grover's laptop saying that his claim he needed to "contact" the Shadow randomly or it would attack was "bogus." H, however, wanted more proof and got Grisham, the sonar operator, to look at the tapes. He found a "fish fart" that revealed Grover's "trick" with the Shadow but agreed with Mg that he couldn't still be in touch with the Shadow. They deduced that a limited range "repeater" was placed in the new sub's hull along with the strategically placed bombs. H told Mg to go "sit with" Grover and she balked at having to "play the faint hearted female." He told her "she didn't need to PLAY," making her angry. Adm. Drake told Teddy that the president had agreed to pay the ransom and to take it out of their budget. He told him to: 1- deliver the gold to the Shark; 2- deliver Grover to Cuban waters; and 3- (most important) if he accomplished 1 & 2 his next assignment would be on the Arizona (at the bottom of Pearl Harbor). He said "get it back."

When the captain told H that his job was over, H had Grover arrested and took his laptop. Mg got close to breaking the code. She got through 4 levels, 2 booby traps and a fake program; but, she didn't think she could complete in the 20 minutes left. H noticed that all the bombs had been place in non-critical spaces so Grover wasn't REALLY prepared to die. He brought Grover to the bridge and set up a ruse that they had broken his code. He showed him turn the Shadow but it then targeted the Tiger Shark. The Captain took all kinds of evasive measures to no avail and, finally, Grover told Mg the secret pass codes to detonate the torpedo without actually harming any ship. Only afterwards did he realize he had been tricked. Sailing on the surface H & Mg were alone on the conning tower. She told him that she knew he was only making her mad to take her mind off being claustrophobic. He told her she was "ok," and he wouldn't mind being teamed with her again.

Saturday, September 23, 1995

JAG (2-Hour Pilot) - 1

[This was the pilot episode which introduced: lazy JAG admiral Brovo, simpering "Teddy" Lindsey his legal side-kick, ex-pilot turned lawyer Harmon Rabb and Harvard law graduate Kaitlin Pike. The character, later to become "mikey" also had his debut as fisherman's son Antonio as well as the CAG and Bud Roberts.] Antonio and his fisherman father watched as the CAG and his Radio Intercept Officer (RIO) Angela Arruti, flew overhead to engage a Serbian fighter jet. Resenting women on a carrier, the CAG tested Arruti by ordering his wingman to "watch his six" while he took on both of the Serb jets. He turned off their main missile, over Arruti's panic'd objections, and was able to destroy one jet with a smaller missile; then the other with their 20MM guns. Arruti really "lost it" and when she challenged the CAG after landing, he said that he "wanted to see if you had the guts for a knife fight... and you don't!" Coincidentally, a reporter was coming to interview her the next day for being a woman who had downed two planes; but, listening to her own recording that she made of her whining and fearful voice, she wrote a letter of resignation on her computer. She had a "butch" roommate, Lt Puller, who was a pilot who had made an enemy of Lt "ripper" Carter by beating him at weightlifting. Incensed, Carter had been giving her extra wave offs on her landings which hurt her flying record. Puller interrupted Arutti's writing and tried to talk her out of resigning; but, Arruti left, wearing Puller's "LOBO" flight jacket. She went to the fantail where the COD was tied down and made love to someone unknown inside the plane. On the way back to her quarters she got caught in a moving deck part and went over the side; but, she caught on some rigging and pulled herself back to the top. When she finally got back on top, she was again pushed overboard by someone also unknown.

Lindsey had to interrupt Brovo, who was watching Jay Leno, to tell him that Arruti was missing. Realizing the political implications of a missing femal pilot, Brovo told Lindsey to send the expendable "junior officer" Rabb who was less likely to intimidate the Sea Hawks captain. And, in case they needed to talk to the press, "a female JG who was easy on the eyes"- Pike. Bud Roberts was their host aboard the Seahawk and told them that the captain wanted to see them immediately. But, when Harm found that a reporter had been held incommunicado since the morning, he went to talk to him first. The reporter, De Palma, had met H when, at 16 years of age, H had gone to Vietnam to try and find his MIA father. De Palma agreed to "sit on the story" for 48 hours under the condition that he be given two rides over Bosnia in a jet. H revealed to the captain that someone had sent an anonymous encrypted message that "she was murdered" so they were there to investigate. The CAG asked H if his step-father, who was a Sr. VP at Chrysler, was still a "used car salesman."

H was harassed by a pilot, Lt Mace, about Hs crash, several years previously, in which his RIO was killed. Mace's RIO, Lt Painter, seemed to already know about the "being murdered" issue. Mace told them that Painter and Arruti were "tight in RIO school" but she had been "ice" on the cruise so far. Teddy had to wait until Brovo finished playing the clarinet before he could tell him that a Serb Terrorist had shot down a C130 UN relief flight with a MASH unit on board and that H still hadn't decided if it was murder or accident. Brovo told him that without incontrovertible evidence H's report must call it "accidental death" otherwise their investigation would be challenged in congress by either the feminists - if it was suicide, or the anti-feminists- if it was murder. "And," he said, "a junior officer always gets thrown to the sharks first."

Brovo was summoned to the Whitehouse by the first lady to talk about the Sea Hawk investigation. While there he met Adm Drake, who was lobbying for a naval "alpha strike" in retaliation for the downing of the UN flight, and suggested he use the reporter aboard the ship to "spin good press." Pike argued with the CAGs opinion that Arruti's death was suicide. She had her friend Zane, in crypto, restore Arruti's cassette tape of her mission, which Puller had erased. She also found from Painter that he had been Arruti's undisclosed husband and was the one who sent the encrypted message about her being murdered. While in the COD that night, he had talked Arruti out of resigning, so had been going back to her room to erase her resignation letter when she was killed. H & Pike confronted Puller who admitted to erasing the tape and the letter so she became a suspect. Painter also told Pike that the RIO, who had died in Hs night landing crash, was Mace's brother; which, was why he was so abusive to H. Arruti's body was eventually found by Antonio and his father in their fishing nets. She had died of drowning and had evidence of struggling on her fingertips. H noticed she was wearing a flight jacket with the name "Lobo" and had assumed that it was her call sign.

Resentfully, CAG took De Palma up for the flight that H had promised him and turned up the heat in the cockpit, did loops and pulled negative "g's," all designed to make him airsick and throw up. Then, when the alpha strike had finally been authorized and he was going up for an ATARS recon flight, the CAG offered to take De Palma up again for his second flight but he refused. H volunteered and was taken on the flight. The CAG had been Hs dad's wingman on the day he went down in Vietnam. In the flight H noticed that Puller was the CAGs wingman and was actually the one with the call sign "Lobo"; so, he realized that Arruti had been killed by mistake, probably by "ripper" Carter who thought it was "Lobo.". During the flight the CAG was shot and H had to fly the plane. He refused to "punch out" with the unconscious CAG on board and had to "fake" radio interference so he wouldn't hear the orders. The captain eventually told the air boss to let him land. Puller helped him with the alignment and checklist because he hadn't had a trap in 5 years. But Carter was the landing boss who H realized would probably try to give him a wave-off so he would crash. He radioed to Pike about Carter and she arrested him so he couldn't give H a wave off. H did land safely and saved both their lives.

In the hospital the CAG told H about being H's father's wingman on a similar recon flight over Vietnam. He said he "called the sandies and flew cap until he was bingo fuel. 5 minutes later when the sandies arrived Rabb was down. He had a tail wind and landed with 80 pounds of fuel so he could have stayed about 4 minutes longer over Rabb's punch out site, which might have made a difference to Rabb. He said he made a judgment call and has had to live with it; but, told H that his "eyes are not a judgment call and you have no need to 2nd guess." Mace was also shown giving H some aviators wings as a token of his getting over his anger. De Palma played up Hs rescue of the CAG on television and Brovo called him a "hero." Lindsey asked Brovo if he wasn't still worried about their finding of murder and Brovo said the sharks couldn't go after H because he was a hero. "If anyone goes it will be me," he said, "or you teddy." [Actually, and fortunately, when the show was finally picked up it was Brovo who left!]