Friday, September 26, 2003

A Tangled Webb II - (Part 4) - 183

[Season opener - DJEs contract signed - Harm's back. But, somewhere in this season "Chegwidden" decided to leave the series; and, probably "Harm" as well, but he was talked into staying for 'just one more season.' ] Harm was alone and unconscious in the crashed bi-winged airplane that he "rented" from the Mennonite farmer; but, Mac was gone. He had his pistol and found the trail of pregnancy clothing that she had left for him to follow. He was dizzy and couldn't see well so when he got to the road, and was nearly hit by a truck, he fired his gun at a pickup truck who's tire had blown. Mac called out to stop him then they both began their subtle sniping at each other that lasted through the whole episode. She had gone back to Sadik's farm and found everyone dead (except Fadik) so she took the truck. A cow stood in the middle of the road and H told M to "make her move." She delayed, so H took out his gun and said "we can always shoot her," which made M go "talk" to the cow. The cow listened then just walked away and when H asked "what did you say to it" M retorted "I just told her about you, and like every woman you've ever known she went screaming into the night." They went back to Hardy's office and found it abandoned.

Gunny got Webb to the hospital where they were in the same room as a pregnant woman trying to deliver her child. W offered to pay for the woman's expenses and the woman named the baby "Clayton" after him. W and Gunny went back to the hotel and found M and H. By then Hardy had heard of "the explosion" and "various middle eastern men found dead around the Chaco boreal," and came to offer "to help." He had told M and H that his secretary, Maria Elena, had been working for Raoul Garcia and that Sadik would probably contact her for help getting out of the country. M, who Maria Elena had never met, went to a bar to talk to her. She told M that she was going to Rio on forged passports with someone. Sadik, in disguise, saw M with her and killed Maria Elena. Together, at the hotel, H, M, W & G deduced that Sadik was going to leave country the next day with a shipment that Maria Elena had arranged for Hardy - on a train. They saw Sadik on the train as a conductor and chased him but he boarded another train and waved to them as it went down the tracks. They followed him to the next crossing but found that he had just disappeared from the train. H told M that they would most certainly see Sadik again because "he will try to kill us both."

The conversational sub-text of M and Hs sniping's at each other revealed that H was jealous of W. M said that, although W had admitted feelings for her for some time, she had gotten close to him only because they shared such an intense experience. She told H that it was nice to have someone state his intentions clearly and follow through. H told her of his prior "wedding" to Catherine Gayle; but admitted that it hadn't been for real. He told M that he had resigned his commission because of her. Each of them missed several opportunities to communicate and they were interrupted several times by W and others. H sniped that he hoped W fared better than her former fianc├ęs and boyfriends; but, then apologized. M sniped that at least hers hadn't been a "sham" wedding." After Gunny and W left M said that she didn't want to go right back home because she was grateful to be alive and wanted to take it in a little bit longer. She said that "it could never work between them because they both want to be on top." [The closing was a repeat of the "waltzing Mathilda" goodbye scene of a previous episode in memoriam of Trevor Goddard (Mic Brumby) who died of suicide in June of 2003]