Tuesday, November 25, 1997

People vs. Rabb - 47

Russian Mafioso Stephan Gregorovitch Konaplanik called Harm to sell him documents of his fathers whereabouts. While delivering the documents Col Mikhail Parlovski, KGB, showed up to prevent the sale. Bumbling FBI agents, who had been following Konaplanik, tripped over a garbage can and Parlovski shot Konaplanik. H wrestled the gun from him just as incompetent FBI Novack & Grenin arrived on scene and arrested H. Chegwidden watched their interrogation of H and was pissed so he had Bud go get Webb to "spring" H. The SECNAV refused to lift a finger to help H and wanted to throw him into the civilian court until C pointed out the advantage of being able to put "spin" on the case in the press. C assigned Caroline Imes (back from Spain) and B to defend against Mattoni who was prosecuting. Konaplanik was shot with 100 grain, truncated, Israeli made, hollow points and H said he used "115 grain full metal jacket's." Parlovski planted bullets in Hs toilet for bumbling Novack to find during search even though they had inadequately searched the crime scene.

Arrogant Imes gave a poor, "justifiable homicide" defense because she thought that H was guilty. W brought a gun to the brig, where H was taken, and asked H to escape to be the "bait" to find Parlovski and gave H the documents. H went to Ms apartment to have the documents translated and found that his father had been taken to "Cherlisk near lake Boshna." Novack and his flunkey nearly captured H coming out of Ms apartment but Parlovsky, dressed as a mailman, prevented it. Parlovsky contacted M at her new civilian office with Dalton's firm and offered to confess to killing Konaplanik if H would return the documents. Bud brought supplies to H who was hiding out on a moth-balled ship and was "pissed" at being "dissed" when H tried to send him home. The meeting with Parlovski at an aircraft museum was tracked by W from a device he had planted in Hs gun. Parlovsky had agreed with H to help him find his father if the documents were returned so H helped him escape Ws trap. Parlovsky told H that the documents were fake, there was no place as Cherlisk or Boshna, and that he was leaving back to Russia.

H fired Imes as his attorney and M completely reversed the case flummoxing Mattoni and embarrassing Novack for not even knowing there was a trap door to the warehouse. H was acquitted. M quit Dalton's firm but still wanted a relationship with Dalton who said he didn't care where she worked as long as she went home with him. M asked for her job back and C, who hadn't processed her JAG resignation, took her back. Novack threatened H with further civilian action. Parlovski sent a "real" photo of Hs dad in Russia.

Tuesday, November 18, 1997

Impact - 46

Something hit a marine helicopter during maneuvers causing it to crash and killing the pilot. Harm and Bud were sent to 29 Palms to investigate surprising Mac that she was left behind from a marine investigation. Chegwidden had given her an admirals gambling case to review. They found a strange piece of metal at the site just before Clark Palmer came and kicked them off the investigation claiming he was DSD. H stole a small piece and sent it for analysis. Eyewitnesses saw "a big, black, thing which absorbed light and had no engine sound. They just "felt it" and it had a crescent row of pulsating lights. B called it a UFO then, while discussing it with H, saw it go over their car and onto the Bradenhurst Corporation compound. They crashed through the gate to follow it but were intercepted by armed security. Adm Elgin bitched & threatened C over not calling off the JAG investigation. He told C that he should be worrying about his "bars." Upset, C responded that no one was going to interfere with a JAG investigation and that he hadn't met a SEAL yet that didn't like a good "bar" fight. Marine base Col Barrett delayed sending H & B home for 24hrs and said that if congress didn't like it they could come and "kiss my Marine green @#$%." B caused a diversion & H snuck inside the fence. However he was "impulse blasted" by a hovering black aircraft. Captured, he broke away from Palmer, saw the aircraft and stole a computer disk before he escaped in a jeep. He was chased through desert by Palmer who then slugged him and was threatening to shoot him. B brought Barrett and the marines over hill to surround them. As Palmer was backed down H slugged him telling the Col that "I owed him.".

C was giving "small" cases to M she asked H "why is C mad at me." H replied flippantly "the same reason we all are." Dalton Lowne's came to take her to an interview and gave M an expensive jewel necklace. The law firm offered her a job for a lot of money. She flew to New York with Lowne to be with him overnight to celebrate. M resigned on very short notice angering C. She told him that she would be arguing before the supreme court and "spreading my wings." C said that she had "ambushed" him. She was leaving without saying goodbye to H but met him on the way out the door. She asked "permission to hug" which he granted just as Lowne drove up in his convertible. She told H "It's no Tomcat."

Tuesday, November 11, 1997

Above and Beyond - 45

A black SEAL, Lt Curtis Rivers, was nominated by Pres Clinton to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor, for rescuing Under Secretary of State Lawrence Culbertson from terrorists before they killed him. His squad disliked him and as they were only supposed to do recon, argued w/ him when he led them into rescue Culbertson. Rivers killed 8 terrorists and went back for the wounded PO Douglas who told him to go. Rivers lit off a pop up flare and carried Culbertson to the beach. Harm & Mac needed "two witnesses" in order to recommend the medal but the angry, wounded Douglas lied and said he didn't see it because he was unconscious. Chief Wilkins told H that Rivers was dangerous to his men and that he had broken the SEAL code of not leaving his man. Rivers acted like a spoiled brat the whole episode and wouldn't give his side. M told him to "not play the race card with us." H took a bottle of liquor to his house and tried to "buddy up" to him in order to obtain his side of the story. Rivers said that his father, Edgar, had been a seaman who was wrongfully accused of stealing money from the officers mess and had hung himself while in the brig. Rivers said that neither of the JAG lawyers believed his father and that he had read his letters from the prison. A "weenie" assistant to the president came and dogged H to "push through" the award ostensibly for "national healing." C assisted by interrogating Culbertson. H finally told Rivers that he was using his father as an excuse which provoked an attack. Rivers said he would "talk to H" if H would do "SEAL hell week." He used the excuse to abuse H until the Chief stopped him. When H recovered he "cleaned Rivers clock." Rivers still didn't keep his word but H deduced that Douglas wasn't unconscious as he had claimed then got Douglas to stop lying which allowed Rivers to get medal. Footage of Clinton's speech was used with a dubbed voiceover. Lt. Rivers was shown receiving the medal then leaving it at his fathers tombstone.

B got drunk on "pineapples" and when M accused him of being lovesick he told her that was the "black pot calling the kettle the same thing." He asked her if she was leaving JAG for Dalton and she just said that she hadn't been given an offer. B went up on stage and sang Delilah.

Tuesday, November 4, 1997

Against All Enemies - 44

An AMRAAM missile was being tested near North Korea and a "civilian" plane flew into the test zone so the captain ordered the test to "stand down." But, as the pilot did so, the missle spontaneously fired killing 31. Harm, Mac & Bud were sent to the USS Reprisal to investigate. The salvage vessel Sea Star was surrounded by North Korean war ships and the cruiser Choson gave ultimatums & fired shots across the Sea Star's bow. Capt Jim (?Ray) Hubbard sped to the scene and authorized "booming" the Choson with tomcats & "shouldering" by other vessels. Mac "pushed" and "bullied witnesses and H had to warn her several times. Walt Rockwell, the communications officer, acted guilty and was found to have made a $90K bank deposit. He, later, said that it was an inheritance. Bumbling seaman Alice Tuppany poured hot coffee in Hs lap. When Tuppany was being chewed out by her chief, Mac bought into her excuse for leaving the galley unattended while a fire started. She was gone to communications for 15 minutes "for career practice." H found that the missle had fired before it had left the launch rail and that it had been caused by a radar sweep, which was also unexplained. Bud, working with PO Sullivan, found that there had been an unaccounted for burst transmission the day before the test. It was decoded, and found to be from a spy notifying of the test. It had been during the time Tuppany had left the galley for the CIC room so M asked C for background information. The photo sent was different so H confronted Tuppany, was taken hostage and forced, with a de-pinned grenade, to take off in a Tomcat toward North Korea. NK launched MIGs, which wouldn't accept Tuppany's radio message, and shot at them. H ejected Tuppany before her grenade could explode. The Sea Star found that the downed plane had: actually been a NK spy plane; swept the missle with radar launching it; and caused it's own demise.

M denied to H that she was in a hurry to get back to Dalton. M said "that's the stupidest think you've ever said. He's a man not a new career choice." Harriet tried to get a "good bye kiss" from B before he left then called "I love you" across the room. B just nodded then called her several times from the ship playing "Rambo" role.