Tuesday, May 19, 1998

To Russia With Love - 61

[The season finale and 'cliff-hanger - A very key episode especially considering that creator Donald Bellisario appeared in a cameo (but pivotal) role, 'Hugh Blackadder,' Harm's stepfather's Russian friend] Harm's Russian nemesis, Parlovski, sent H a photo of his father in Russia with a note that said "this one's for real." Webb told H the names of the person's in the photo and revealed that Viktor Lushov, standing next to Rabb sr., was a Russian pilot who interrogated downed pilots in Vietnam, and was now working in San Diego. H flew there to inform his mother, Trish, and stepfather Frank Burnett about everything. Trish gave H an "if I don't come back" tape of his father's, that he'd never heard; and, Frank told him that "although you never thought of me as a father, you are the only son I've ever had" and offered help through Hugh Blackadder in Russia. Lushov then told H everything, including his dad's KGB number (S-394-652). He said that Rabb had given him misinformation under his interrogation "which was worse than telling me nothing." Both being pilots, Lushov and Rabb became unlikely friend's and Lushov got Rabb medical treatment, then told the KGB that he had been helpful and would probably continue to be in the future, so they took him to Russia instead of killing him. R was sent to the Gulag mines; then, after he injured his leg in an accident, was sent north to Siberia - a photo being taken at the train station.

Although C was initially upset that H had lied to him in order to get leave to take the flight to San Diageo, he let H take leave and go to Russia; but, sent M along with him to "watch his six - in Russian." They had to share a hotel room because there were no other vacancies. They met Alexi, a taxi driver, spy who worked for the highest bidder. They were picked up by Mark (Falcon) Sokol who told them that photos were really phony and that someone was trying to destabilize US Russian relations. Then Parlovski told them that it was Sokol who was trying to destabilize US Russian relations, and neither claimed to be KGB. Webb told H and M that they were really being "set up" because both were, in fact, KGB and may be working separately or together. Sokol revealed that he had grown up in Houston Texas with spy parents and tried to "spark" Mac. He said he wanted her to trust him so M said "then help H find his father." He agreed to help, IF H would give him the name of the informant and agree to never reveal the results to anyone. Sokol then brought the KGB file which M read finding that R had been taken "to Beloyka where he escaped from the train." Sokol was shown telling Parlovski that "they believe it and were going to Beloyka in the morning." Alexi found that all Beloyka flights were cancelled; so, H got money from Hugh Blackadder and bought a "ride" in a MIG. He and M stole the jet, however. Alexi, having second thoughts, tried to get them not to fly and had to finally reveal that "they are waiting for you, it's a trap so they can shoot you down as spies"; but, he wouldn't tell them who it was. Mac was getting sick and hated flying with H. They flew undetected until H got the radar working so he could climb. The "to be continued" showed Harm calling "incoming" as two missiles were heading toward them into the clouds.

Tuesday, May 12, 1998

Wedding Bell Blues - 60

A male stripper got Harm's dress white uniform from an incompetent East Indian cleaner and used it in his act gaining front page publicity of his backside, Lt Cdr stripes, aviators wings and JAG millryan- who else could it be? H was having it cleaned for participation in Bud and Harriet's wedding so needed to retrieve it. He needed to date the owners single daughter in order to get the apartment address of the Joe Garvey, who had received it, which was now occupied by a woman who tried to seduce him before revealing Joe worked at "rocket men" strip club. H finally retrieved it as it was removed one item at a time during the act. He was surprised to see Ht and her mother there putting money in men's pants for the bachelorette party. Ht eventually decided that she "needed to see Bud" and had M take her mother home.

B prosecuted his first case against seaman Robert Cruthers who was found to be 10-years UA when arrested on another charge. B selected "desertion" over his mentor Mac's objection, then turned it into a "you don't think I can do it" issue. He called many witnesses and asked only one or two questions which upset them. He eventually won the case and his brother "Mikey" said "mom would be proud." His dad "Big Bud" said "what for? Ruining some guys life who wasn't hurting anyone?" The next day in sentencing phase B realized what M had tried to tell him and asked for a "dishonorable discharge" but not other penalty. BB was loud, inappropriate, rude, controlling and abusive. B confided to H of BBs abuse when he saw Mk had a black eye. He said "I spent a lifetime trying to get away from all that - I'm worried about Mikey." H recommended he get it out in the open. BB threw a "crossing the line" bachelor party at a strip club but his credit card wasn't honored so Chegwidden had to talk to the owner, putting up collateral. B helped an ill woman law student to the restroom- she thought she might be pregnant. When H returned from retrieving his uniform, BB insulted a woman who missed a swing at him, hitting B instead. B flew into another man creating a domino effect and a bar fight. While H, B & C were getting jumped on, BB took Mk and ran. Ht arrived in time to see the police arrest everyone including B with the pregnant law student. The officer asked C if he remembered prosecuting "USN vs. Seaman Moska" then "are the handcuff's too tight… SIR?" M came to bail them all out.

Pouting, and without asking any explanations, Ht said she was "calling off" the wedding. Her mother was still raggin' on her until leaving M, the maid of honor, to "talk her down." Ht finally told her mother that "this is MY day," and she could "either enjoy it or sashay your southern belle butt back home!"

M used cosmetics to cover Mk's black eye. Then BB showed up and began provoking a fight with B. When BB threw a punch, B caught it in his fist then told him to "never hit Mk or me again." Against Bs pleas Mikey followed BB out of the apartment. B warned that he never wanted to see BB again. Mikey did come back for the ceremony, which was full military. H, as best man, led the honor guard with a saber arch to present Lt & Mrs. Bud J Roberts Jr. As Ht went by him, H swatted her bottom with the flat of his sword proclaiming "Go Navy!" M made a bee-line to H to find out who his Indian guest was, and H told her "don't ask!"

Tuesday, May 5, 1998

Clipped Wings - 59

Lt Mark Gordon, an F14D pilot from the Coral Sea, struck a civilian helicopter in Milan Italy undergoing NATO radar evasion exercises through mountainous valley. Six were killed and Gallo, an opposition political leader, demanded the US turn over the "cowboy" pilot for prosecution. Chegwidden sent Harm and Mac to defend & prosecute respectively. Warned that Capt Jack Murphy would protect his people and was "one tough nut." C nonchalantly mentioned that his daughter Francesca was in Milan and weaseled a promise to look in on her. Congresswoman Bobbi Latham gave H a ride to the airport and said she was representing the president who was considering "letting the Italians have him." Gordon was cleared for flight plan then to stay above 2,000 ft AGL. Italians claimed they posted a NOTAM about helicopter activity in area. Gordon struck the helicopter at 300 ft claiming that as he climbed to 2,000 he nearly hit a light aircraft, flipped into a dive then rose again just as the helicopter came above the trees. He couldn't recognize the aircraft except that it was green or yellow. His jet was outside of transponder range and H found damage to the jet and some green paint. The RIO "didn't see any aircraft or radar blips." The arrogant Italian Col Achilla Marcella tried to "set his ground rules" with H and had to be told what a defense attorney was for. Marcella confiscated all the tapes from the Italian air controllers and wouldn’t let H talk to them- that's my idea of cooperation he told them.

When H went to visit Francesca he was confused for an "older model." They had dinner and Francesca picked a fight with them and was rude. B found that the paint didn't match any known civilian aircraft paint and had been hand painted. Gordon gave Latham a letter to read to the families of the victims. A farmer named Antinori testified that the American jet had come up the valley at "two barns height." He thought he was smart when he deflected Hs attempt to trick him that he saw the jet then heard the sound. But H had him ID some silhouette drawings and he ID an Italian jet. Italians were claiming that Gordon was lying to get out of trouble so Latham suggested to H that they go "try it." She demanded to go with H on the flight, despite Ms discouragement. They replicated the flight and found that they ended up at 300 ft just where Gordon said he did. Latham, thoroughly thrilled asked "where she could sign up." H caught Capt Balducci in his lie about posting the NOTAMs on time by showing credit card receipts for a several hour lunch during the time. The data recorder of Hs flight gave info enough for B to locate a dirt landing strip. Francesca came to apologize to H, after telling C what she had done and getting reprimanded. H asked her to go help interpret for him when talking to the owner of the strip. They found Arianna Restivo, a young girl who took her fathers plane for a joy ride without permission. Francesca persuaded her to tell truth and testify. M said she would drop charges and Arianna hugged Gordon on the court steps to Latham's satisfaction for her PR. Francesca told H that it was "too bad they were parting as friends." H said he was just glad they were still talking and she said that she "had hoped for something more" and kissed him.